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BBK Informationsfreiheitsbeauftragter (BBK) Von:                               Gesendet:                                   Mittwoch, 14. Juli 2021 12:25 An:                                Betreff:                                    [EXTERN]ECHO Daily Flash of 14 July 2021< odailyflash2018.png> Wednesday, 14 July 2021 I. International Landslide< ox.png> India - Floods and Landslides (NDMIndia, NDRF, IMD, media) *        On 12-13 July, heavy rain caused floods, mudslides and landslides in Himachal Pradesh, and Uttarakhand (northern India), resulting in casualties. *        In Himachal Pradesh, the Indian Disaster Management Division (NDMIndia) reports three fatalities, and up to eight people missing after a number of landslides occurred in Boh Valley and Kangra District. Search and rescue operations are still ongoing as national disaster response teams have been mobilized to the area. In addition, several houses have been damaged by floodwaters of the Manjhi River in Dharamshala City. *        According to the media, three fatalities occurred after a landslide event in Uttarakhand. *        On 14-16 July, heavy to very heavy rain is forecast over Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh. Severe Weather< box.png> The Gambia – Severe weather (UN OCHA, NOAA-CPC) *        On 7-8 July, heavy rain and strong winds affected the capital Banjul, resulting in casualties and damage. *        According to UN OCHA, at least ten people have died, more than 1,500 people have been displaced and many houses damaged or destroyed. Several coastal urban areas remained without electricity or water, following widespread damage to utility infrastructures. *        National authorities are assessing the damage situation and devising a response plan. *        On 14 July, isolated thunderstorms are forecast over the affected city, while on 15 July drier conditions are expected. II. Europe Flood<> Floods and flood warnings during the last 24 hours reported by national services (European Flood Awareness System - EFAS) *        Belgium: threshold level 3/3 for the Vesdre, Sambre, Eau noire, Demer and Meuse basin. *        Germany: threshold level 2/4 for regions Bavaria and Nordrhein Westfalen. 1
*         Poland: threshold level 2/2 for Lower Silesia region. *         Switzerland: threshold level 4/4 for the Aare basin, and 2/4 for the Rhone basin. Severe Weather< box.png> Germany - Severe weather (Copernicus EMS, Landkreis Hof, DWD, media)< ortals/0/images/logo_Copernicus_32.jpg> Copernicus Activation *         Since 12 July, a low-pressure area has been unloading partly considerable amounts of precipitation over Germany, concentrated in heavy rainfall events and thundery downpours. So far, Baden-Württemberg, the north of Bavaria also Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and North Rhine-Westphalia have been particularly affected. *         The consequences typical of storms have occurred in the form of wind breakage, flooding, flash floods and landslides. In Jöhstadt, Saxony, a person was swept away by a flash flood. Despite the search by the fire brigade, the person is still missing. *         Considerable precipitation is forecast for the next 48 hours, with the focus on the west and north of Germany. Strong and rapid water level rises are expected, especially in the Rhine and its tributaries. *         The European Commission's Copernicus Emergency Management Service was activated (EMSR517 <> ) to provide satellite maps of the Moselle area. Meteo Warning< box.png> Meteoalarm, as of 14 July at 8.00 UTC (EUMETNET) *         On 14 July: red alert for heavy rainfall in central-western and south-western Germany; for extreme high temperature over Latvia, southern and eastern Hungary, and most of Serbia. *         On 15 July: red alert for heavy rainfall in central-western and south-western Germany; for extreme high temperature over Latvia, southern and eastern Hungary, and most of Serbia. III. Factsheets Factsheet< x.png> N/A Kind regards, Angel Castillo ERCC Duty Officer cid:image001.png@01D1D1D3.7C112CA0 European Commission Directorate General for European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations Emergency Response Coordination Centre – ERCC 2
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