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FUB contract number: 2018000021


. Freie Universität Berlin (FU. Berlin)
represented by its head of the research division
Kaiserswerther Straße 16-18
14195 Berlin
on behalf of the department of Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy, Prof. Dr. Schalley (project
leader) .


and the

Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU)
represented by its head of international office
Xl’an 710072
P.R. China

on behalf of School of Life Sciences, Prof. Dr. Qi Zhenhui (project leader)

$ 1 Objective ofthe Agreement

FU Berlin and NPU have already entered into a PhD and Researcher Training
Agreement aiming at enhancing the excellence of cooperative research in particular
by PhD and Researcher Training, as made of 18.09.2017 and a Joint Lab
Agreement, as made of 23.12.2016. The present agreement shall be concluded in
order to implement these Agreements.

$ 2 Term and Obligations of FU Berlin as Host Institution towards PhD

(1) The term of the Exchange Period will be agreed upon for each PhD
Student/Researcher individually.
(2) The term will end

a) upon expiration of the Exchange Period;

b) on expiry of the notice period required under Student/Researcher's employment
agreement in the event that Student/Researcher resigns from or is terminated by the

c) in the case of serious misconduct by PhD Student/Researcher, upon written
notification from FU Berlin to NPU.

(3) FU Berlin shall provide adequate supervision to any research undertaken by the
Researcher under the Project.

(4) FU Berlin shall provide the means, including the infrastructure, equipment and
products, for implementing the Project in the scientific and technical fields
concerned, and to make these means available to the PhD Student/Researcher, as

8 3 Remuneration and. cost recovery

(1) PhD Student/Researcher remains an employee of NPU throughout the Exchange
Period subject to his/her employment agreement. NPUÜ will at all times remain
responsible for the payment of PhD student/Researcher's salary and/or wages.

(2) NPU will be responsible for the expenses of PhD Student/Researcher while in an
exchange mission. Nevertheless all efforts will be done to keep these costs to a
minimum and extend the usual privileges to library facilities, computer access, email
and office space.

(3) NPU will recompense FU Berlin for the costs accrued at FU Berlin for PhD
student’s/researcher's use of the facilities for material characterization and
instrumental analytics at FU Berlin. For each PhD student/Researcher, FU Berlin will
send NPU the attached form sheet (Annex I, Call for Funds) specifying the costs
accrued during his/her exchange period at FU’ Berlin.

Within 10 days upon reception of a Call for Funds, NPU will transfer the specified
amount of money (in €) to the following bank account.


8 4 Cancellation
Either Party may terminate this Agreement upon giving three (3) months written
notice to the other Party.


Ulrich Rössler Name FU4l ZHANS,-
Head of the Research Division Function Imfernattored @s A ne n
Freie Universität Berlin Northwestern Polytechnical/Universi

Annex |
to FUB contract number: 201 8000021

Call for funds
Implementing the PhD and Researcher Training Agreement concluded between

Freie Universität Berlin and Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU) the PhD
student/ Researchers mentioned below pursued research at FU Berlin:

PhD Studenten/Researcher:
Supervisor at FU Berlin: Prof. Dr.

Exchange Period:


Costs accrued during exchange period: