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Jahncke, Jessica

Von: CKYPATOB Cepreü Anekcannpoauu <>
Gesendet: Dienstag, 31. Juli 2018 17:45

An: Schwesig, Manuela

Betreff: Letter from PJSC Gazprom to Mrs. Schwesig

Anlagen: Ncx 05-792 oT 26.07.2018.pdf

Dear Mrs. Schwesig,

Please find enclosed herewith a letter from PJSC Gazprom.
The original will be sent to you via snail mail.

We would appreciate it if you would confirm receipt of the letter.

Thanks in advance! St ratskaı Yzlei ı Büro MP
Teh.-Nr; WI RER ?:.

Yours faithfully, Ir - FE

Sergey Skuratov N


Sergey Skuratov |Emsf: ar

Deputy Head of Division of Gas Logistics (North Route) IJarı u w. [Stelle
191023, St. Peterburg, 2a, Ostrovskogo Square, Letter A A ost Jh: ee " 2 Y OR _ R

Tel: +7 (812) 646-14-31

Mob: +7 0) 499-67-96 ns ne Jan u


Hacmorujee 3NeKmpOHHOEe NUCBMO U MPUNIOKEHUR K HEMY MO2yM HOCUMb Xapakmep O2PaHUYEHHO2O UCNONE30BAHUR (8 M.4. KOHncbuderuuansHbiü). Ecnu
ÖaHHOe NUCBMO He Öbıno Bam npeönasHnaueno unu Bbı nonyyunu e20 no owuöre, Bbi He dOnKHBI UCMON»308aMB. KONUPOBaMB UNU PACKPbIeamb
codepmauymca 8 HeM uUHcbopmauum. B makoM cnyuae, nOxanyücma, HeMeÖneHHo NPOUHdDOPMUPyüme Hac OMmsemHbIM NUCBMOM NIO aIekmMpoHHOU noyume

000 «Faanpom 3Kcnopm » aanaemca HOPUÖUYECKUM TIUUOM, JapeaucmpuposaHHbIM 8 Coomsemcmeuu € 3akonodamenscmeom Poccuückoü Dedepayuu
(OFPH: 1027739898284) no aöpecy' Poccuückaa Dedepauun, 191023, 2. Cankm-flemepöype, nn. Ocmposckoao, Ö. 2A, [lumepa A.

This email communication and any of its attachments may contain privileged or confidential information. If you are not the intended recipient or received this
email in error you must not use, Copy or disclose the information contained herein. In such a case please notify us ımmediately by return email and delete the
email (including all attachments to it)

Gazprom export LLC is a legal entity incorporated under the laws of the Russian Federation (primary state registration number 1027739898284) with its
registered office at Ostrovskogo square, 2A, Letter A, 191023, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

drn3DPDM ny6m1'1HOe 3Kl.lMOHepHOe 06~eCTBO                                                       Public Joint Stock Company «f a3npoM»                                                                        Gazprom (nAo «ra3npoM»)                                                                  (PJSC Gazprom) yn. HaMeTKMHa. JI. 16, MoCKBa, rcn-7. 117997                                  Nametkina st., 16, Moscow, GSP-7, Russia, 117997 Teß.: (495) 719-30-01, cjJaKC: (495) 719-83-33, teneKc: 411467 GAZ RU          tel.: +7 (495) 719-30-01, lax: +7 (495) 719-83-33. telex: 411467 GAZ RU,                                       e-mail: 201 ß_ r. III00llllllllllllllllll 10697836462 III lllll II lllll lIII K• 05-792 oT 26.07.2018 12:32 Mrs. Manuela Schwesig The Minister-Pr esident of the Federal State of Mecklenbu rg-Vorpom mern - State Chancellery - Schloßstraß e 2-4 19053 Schwerin Gas infrastructure projects in Germany Dear Mrs. Schwesig, For decades Gazprom export LLC ("GPE") as the export subsidiary of PJSC GAZPROM has been a responsible and reliable gas supplier committed to satisfy demand of its clients in Germany and other European countries. Hereby PJSC GAZPROM would like to express its support to ongoing gas pipeline projects that are aimed at improved security of natural gas supplies to European consumers, provide additional diversification of delivery routes to the EU, and strengthen the European energy security in general. We strongly believe that availability of incremental capacities will enhance business competition in the German gas transportation market as well as contribute to the efficient German gas network development by additional gas flows. Moreover, taking into account tendency towards increase in gas import in the EU with decrease in natural gas production in certain EU member-states, German and other European consumers will only benefit from anticipated additional gas flows which could be brought to the market by new infrastructure projects. An illustration of PJSC GAZPROM's support is the fact that GPE plans to use capacities of a new project EUGAL on a long-term and short-term basis to supply gas to its customers. This intention is backed by the results of the respective capacities auction that took place in 2017 and where GPE made significant binding long-term bookings which, in turn, allowed the involved Transport System Operators to pass the economic test so as to substantiate the necessary investments. In the meantime, delay in realization of such projects may have a significant negative effect on shippers who

2 expect to include incremental capacities in their gas transportation portfolios, GPE included, and jeopardize the development of German energy market. We would like to express our gratitude for your support with respect to the development of new gas infrastructure in Germany and such challenging projects as EUGAL. We consider that one of the essential preconditions for the successful implementation of infrastructure projects is timely receipt of all necessary permits and authorizations and kindly request your further support for the EUGAL project. Looking forward to our further joint cooperation in improving security of supplies of natural gas to Europe. Yours faithfully, Alexander Medvedev Deputy Chairman of the Management Committee