SIR 411

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Z FRONTEX Be Warsaw, 22/08/2017


Serious Incident Report no. 411

Reporting date: 27/07/2016 01:54 PM Last modification date: 28/12/2016 11:01 AM

Text Removed - Text Removed -

Reporting person: Justification 1 Last modification done by: Justifiestion 1

FSC SIR Category 1 Standard

Subject Car accident involving GOs

Type of SIR 1 Initial SIR

JORA Incident number (if any) 0

Joint Operation FOA 2016 land on border surveillance / WB

Frontex SIR Coordinator

Incident date/time 26/07/2016 10:45 PM
Detection date/time 27/07/2016 01:41 PM
Original source of the information Vjekoslav Devald LC Bajakovo

e ed Text Removed - Justification 6
Location of the incident

Is latitude unknown No

Latitude Text Removed - Justification 6
Is longitude unknown No

Longitude Text Removed - Justification 6
Reference to the operational area Yes

Frontex resources involved (Human
resources / co-financed technical Yes

Type of resources / involvement

Dead persons 0
Injured persons 0
Missing persons 0

EST ee esse ee SE

Frontex - European Border and Coast Guard Agency

Fact of the case

On 26. July 2016. at 22.45, Text Removed - Justification 4 and Text Removed - Justification 4 were
involved in car accident with the patrol car. Text Removed - Justification 4, during the shift, was
driving a duty car Text Removed - Justification 1,5, Text Removed - Justification 2, 3, on the right lane of
street Text Removed - Justification 6. When he reached the intersection, due to speed, he landed
from the road and hit with the front right side of a car into electric lighting pole next to the
road. Passangers in the car were: Text Removed - Justification 4, Text Removed - Justification 4 and Text
Removed - Justification 4. Nobody was injured, only car was damaged (after the car examination
from car mechanic will be decided is the car for further use).


Traffic police made investigation of traffic accident, driver paid a fine. First information
about incident Text Removed - Justification 4 received on 26th at 23:00 pm when he was told that
nobody was hurt and the car is slightly damaged but still operational. At 07:00 am on 27th LC
was informed that car is not operational and it is necessary to be checked by mechanic.
After that Text Removed - Justification 4 were immediately informed by phone.


The event will be followed by Local coordinator, the changes will be reported



Frontex - European Border and Coast Guard Agency