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International Centre for
Migration Policy Development

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Meeting DG Michael Spindelegger


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Vienna, 21* July 2020




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Alternate Minister
for Migration Policy,
Ministry of Citizen



Bilateral meeting of Alternate Minister Koumoutsakos with DG







Ambassador and | Greece


Alternate Permanent








| Minister’s office Greece


ICMPD DG | Michael Spindelegger


Welcomed the Greek delegation and highlighted the participation of the
Alternate Minister for Migration Policy, Ministry of Citizen Protection, Giorgos
Koumoutsakos, at the VMC 2019;

. Briefly reported on the last meeting of the steering group (strategy for the next

five years and the financial framework of ICMPD);

. 3 C’s for ICMPD in the future:

a) Continuation (became the first partner for states of the EU in migration

b) Consolidation (effectiveness reform the organization);

c) Calibration (look forward if the solutions that ICMPD is offering are fitting
with the needs -expect to develop innovation processes);

. Package of innovative solutions (a reference to the German proposal to rapidly

pre-screen asylum seekers before they enter European Union territory);

. Membership:

a) DG shared the report that is going to be sent to the member states, with a
strong recommendation to welcome Greece on ICMPD;

b) ICMPD is still waiting for a reply from Ankara, however, highlighted that it
‘sa decision by majority.

Greek Alternate Minister for Migration | Giorgos Koumoutsakos

UN] New ICMPD Member States

. mh u

: Drafted Approved Released | Effective from ;


1. Thanked the support and work that ICMPD has been doing on the membership;

2. Would like to add a 4th C, to the other 3 that DG referred - Coexistence (this
could be a good sign for the member states involved at the ICMPD activities);

3. Reinforced the interest of becoming a full member of ICMPD - main reasons: be
part of all international forum; Greece has a value to offer to ICMPD because it's
impossible to talk about migration challenges without involving Greece and due
to the political position;

4. The Alternate Minister believes that ICMPD can provide a flexible and
informal forum (for discussion) without the pressure of media; A forum

to solve problems;
5. “Desire to be treated fairly and nothing more than that!”

6. Greece is going to send thankful letters to the ICMPD MS (next week) regarding
the enlargement.

7. After de approval of the recovery fund COM it’s time to kick-off the discussions
on the European Pact;

8. ICMPD should be involved and contribute on the Pact;

9. Mechanism for Return (presented to EU Commission in dez19) - positive
reactions from the EU Commission and MS - the document is going to be shared
with ICMPD;

10.Want to organize an event/visit with ICMPD based on the document presented to
the EU Commission (as a sign that Greece is working side by side with ICMPD);

11.Greece, Cyprus, and Bulgaria have already formed an Eastern Mediterranean
group, and is cooperating bilaterally with other Mediterranean frontline states,
such as Malta and Italy - countries that share common points - develop a
reflection paper to be shared with the EU Commission;

12.In the new European migration and asylum policy, it must be a balance between
the responsibility of the countries of first entry and the solidarity of other
member-states that should implement burden-sharing policies and actions;

13.Regarding the migrant camps, the Minister admits that Greece is at its limits
(COVID is an additional “burden”);

14.The letter sent to the EU Commission introduces the idea of a “flexibility
clause” in the Pact - it’s linked to the situation of extreme and unpredicted
migration pressure to the MS on the frontline. MS should have the flexibility to
apply other measures, without ignoring human rights. For example, the process
of the analysis of the asylum requests - the main objective is to create a political

15.ICMPD could/should be involved in this political debate.

Closing Remarks
ICMPD DG | Michael Spindelegger

1. Informed that the membership will depend on the reaction of Ankara (President ’s

2. Regarding the Pact: German proposal on the pre-screen of asylum seekers

before they enter European Union territory; Strong focus on Return; Legal ways

(Pilot Projects);

The possibility to organize a Return Event - this will show that Greece is working

and cooperation with ICMPD;

ICMPD is going to provide more information regarding the “ESME Project”;

About the emergency measures, DG agrees that we need a prompt reaction;

The lack of solidarity is a problem in the EU;

ICMPD is available to discuss with the EU Commission regarding the papers

proposed by the Greek government.



Greek Alternate Minister for Migration | Giorgos Koumoutsakos

1. “Nothing can be mandatory unless it’s mandatory.”
2. Mandatory solidarity on Relocation could be a way out;

Follow-up actions



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Author 23.07.2020




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