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Council of the European Union
                         General Secretariat
                         Directorate -General Communication and Information - COMM
                         The Director -General

                                                                                          Brussels, 19 October 2023
                                                                                                        SGS 23 / 002588
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Subject: Your confirmatory application 31/c/01/23

Dear Ms Deleja-Hotko,

Please find enclosed the reply from the Council to the confirmatory application you introduced on
7 September 2023, and which was registered by our service on 8 September 2023.                            You will also
find attached documents WK 4656/2018 and WK 5498/2018 to which the Council decided to grant
full access.

If you wish to challenge this decision, you may do so pursuant to Article 8(1) of Regulation (EC)
No 1049/2001 by instituting proceedings against the Council before the General Court of the
European Union1            or by making a complaint to the European Ombudsman               2.

Yours sincerely,


Enclosures: 3

      For deadlines and other procedural requirements concerning the institution of proceedings at the General Court,
      please refer to the following page: http://curia.europa.eu/jcms/jcms/Jo2_7040/en/
      Any complaint to the Ombudsman must be made within two years of receiving the institution's final position on the
      matter. For more information, please refer to the Ombudsman's website.

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