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Ref. Ares(2020)6881565 Ares(2020)4903105 - 18/11/2020 Ares(2020)5644843   18/09/2020 19/10/2020 Strategic objectives Security

ASD is the association of aerospace and defence industries in Europe. For the European security sector, ASD advocates for the following strategic objectives: Ensure technological sovereignty in security Technology alone cannot provide security, but it is an indispensable en- abler for security. Industry develops the relevant technologies and trans- lates them into security solutions for commercial and public end-users. Certain technologies are so critical for the functioning and protection of our societies, economies and institutions that dependence on non-European suppliers can become by itself a         Create a genuine security risk. Therefore, it should      European security market be a priority for Europe to sustain an industrial and technological base     Both the private and the public capable of developing trustworthy        security market in Europe are highly high-end solutions in sensitive secu-    fragmented at the customer and the rity areas, such as the protection of    regulatory level. Moreover, commer- critical infrastructures or cyber.       cial customers tend to limit invest- ments in security to what is strictly necessary, whereas public customers are often legally bound to purchase at the lowest price and buy off-the-shelf to satisfy their immediate needs. These conditions make it difficult for companies to build viable business cases and to sustain the techno- logical and industrial capabilities to develop the security solutions Europe needs to protect its citizens.

front investments in critical tech- nology areas and infrastructures, and a long-term capability planning process for end-users. Mainstream an industrial dimension into EU policies Security is one of the key policy To maintain a competitive and          priorities of the EU. At the same time, innovative industry, Europe needs a    industry is an indispensable provider genuine internal market for security   of the technological solutions that that allows companies to operate       are necessary to tackle modern freely across national borders and     security threats. There is an urgent reach the necessary economies of       need to translate this link into a scale. This implies the establishment  European security industrial strategy of common standards and certifica-     that promotes competitiveness, tion, but also more joint procurement  innovation and long-term techno- and technology foresight on the        logical sovereignty. The Security public demand side.                    Union should therefore include an industrial dimension and ensure that all security-related EU funding Move towards a                         instruments contribute to strength- ening the relevant industrial and proactive approach                     technological capabilities in Europe. Security solutions have traditionally been developed ex-post, i.e. only as a reaction after unexpected inci- dents occurred. Given the constantly evolving nature of security threats and the increasingly high pace of technological innovation, it is urgent to switch to a much more proactive and forward-looking approach. This entails the systematic screening of emerging technologies for possible security implications, targeted up-

ASD is the voice of European aeronautics, space, defence and security industries, representing over 3,000 companies and actively supporting the competitive development of the sector in Europe and worldwide. Our association has as direct members 17 major European companies and 23 national associations from 18 countries. Rue Montoyer 10, 1000 Brussels | +32 2 775 81 10      @ASDEurope