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Ref.Ref. Ares(2020)6881565 - 18/11/2020 Ares(2020)3119057  - 16/06/2020 To:                                   SPANOU Despina (CAB-SCHINAS); DEMIRIS Vangelis (CAB-SCHINAS); GAUER Celine (SG); SLEATH William (SG); Cc: Subject:                              Minutes of the meeting with ASD, Brussels, 11 June 2020 Participants (ASD Security Business Unit) Despina Spanou, Vangelis Demiris,                                          (CAB-Schinas) (SG) The meeting was requested by the ASD Security Business Unit to discuss about the industrial dimension of security in the framework of the upcoming Security Union Strategy. ASD stressed the need to support the European security industry in order to develop new technologies that will make the EU more resilient, non-dependent on third countries and improve its crisis management in the digital world. The association pointed out the need for stronger links between the European security instruments/policies and the EU’s security industry, and suggested that security related new programs and policies should include an industrial dimension. According to the association, there is a need for a coherent and long-term capability development plan in the security domain at EU level. ASD also asked Cabinet Schinas about the right interlocutors to continue addressing these issues within the Commission. Cabinet Schinas expressed the Commission’s political commitment to strengthen the industrial approach and technological sovereignty and inquired about actions needed to achieve technological autonomy at EU level. ASD underlined the importance of public-private discussions on critical technologies for security. Cabinet Schinas agreed and highlighted the need for structures that would assist EU in understanding better where and how to invest in order to increase its security capabilities; as a good example, Cabinet Schinas mentioned the European cybersecurity competence centre in the area of cybersecurity. The association also stressed the importance of a strong connection between the Security Research Program and the Internal Security Fund. (SG)