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Ref. Ares(2020)6881565 - 18/11/2020 EUROPEAN COMMISSION SECRETARIAT-GENERAL Directorate F - Citizens, Health, Migration & Security Union The Director Brussels SG.F Ms Luisa Izuzquiza Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO) Rue d'Édimbourg 26 1050 Bruxelles By email: Subject:            Your application for access to documents – GESTDEM 2020/6090 – Reply Dear Ms Izuzquiza, In your e-mail dated 12 October 2020, you make a request for access to documents, registered on 13 October 2020 under the reference number above. You request access to documents related to the videoconference with AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe (ASD) held on 11 June 2020, the videoconference with AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe (ASD) held on 7 July 2020, and the virtual meeting with Airbus held on 18 September 2020. More specifically, you requested access to: -         All agendas of these meetings; -         A list of all attendees, including the name of the company, group, or organisation of any kind each attendee represents; -         All presentations by either DG Home, ASD, and/or Airbus used during the course of these meetings; -         All documents prepared by DG Home for the purpose of these meetings; -         All documents sent to the attendees of these meetings (such as – but not limited to – handouts, leaflets, briefings or background notes) by DG Home before, during or after the meetings; -         All documents received by DG Home from Airbus or ASD representatives in advance of, during and after the meetings; -         All reports, summaries, minutes, notes, or record-keeping of any kind produced by DG Home as an outcome of these meetings. Your application concerns the following documents: Commission européenne/Europese Commissie, 1049 Bruxelles/Brussel, BELGIQUE/BELGIË - Tel. +32 22991111

-   Minutes of the meeting with Airbus, 18 September 2020 (Ares(2020)4945862). -   Minutes of the meeting with ASD, Brussels, 11 June 2020 (Ares(2020)3119057). -   Personal letter from ASD Secretary General on EU security research programme, containing: o ASD Letter on Security Research under the next Multiannual Financial Framework (Ares(2020)5644843); o ASD Strategic Objectives (Ares(2020)5644843). -   ASD note on industrial and technological dimension of the new Security Union Strategy (Ares(2020)5644843). -   COVID-19: Proposals for EU Relief Measures for Aerospace, Defence and Security Industries, containing: o ASD Position Paper on COVID-19 (Ares(2020)5644843); o ASD letter on position on COVID-19 (Ares(2020)2856338). -   Call with ASD Security Business Unit - 11/06/2020, containing: o Email containing the agenda of the meeting with ASD (Ares(2020)5604503); o ASD rationale – Towards an EU Security Industrial Strategy (Ares(2020)5644843); o ASD Industry considerations on Security research priorities beyond 2020 (Ares(2020)5644843). -   Call with ASD Security Business Unit, containing: o Participant List Conference Call ASD Security Business Unit. (Ares(2020)6416801). Since documents Ares(2020)5644843, Ares(2020)2856338, Ares(2020)5604503 and Ares(2020)6416801 originate from a third party, the originator of the documents has been consulted. Following an examination of document Ares(2020)6416801, under the provisions of Regulation (EC) No 1049/2001 regarding public access to documents and taking into account the opinion of the third party, we regret to inform you that your application concerning this document cannot be granted. The author of the annex “Participant List Conference Call ASD Security Business Unit” has objected to disclosure of the document and has motivated its position referring to the exception laid down in Article 4(1)(b) of this Regulation. With regard to the documents with the references Ares(2020)4945862, Ares(2020)3119057, Ares(2020)5644843, Ares(2020)2856338 and Ares(2020)5604503 (Ares reference not visible on this last document) listed above, the documents are annexed. However, a complete disclosure of the identified documents is prevented by the exception concerning the protection of privacy and the integrity of the individual outlined in Article 4(1)(b) of Regulation (EC) No 1049/2001, because they contain the following personal data: -       the names/initials and contact information of Commission staff members not pertaining to the senior management; -       the names/initials and contact details of other natural persons; -       handwritten signatures/abbreviated signatures of natural persons; -       other information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person. 2

Article 9(1)(b) of the Data Protection Regulation does not allow the transmission of these personal data, except if you prove that it is necessary to have the data transmitted to you for a specific purpose in the public interest and where there is no reason to assume that the legitimate interests of the data subject might be prejudiced. In your request, you do not put forward any arguments to establish the necessity to have the data transmitted for a specific purpose in the public interest. Consequently, we conclude that, pursuant to Article 4(1)(b) of Regulation (EC) No 1049/2001, access cannot be granted to the personal data contained in the requested documents, as the need to obtain access thereto for a purpose in the public interest has not been substantiated and there is no reason to think that the legitimate interests of the individuals concerned would not be prejudiced by disclosure of the personal data concerned. Disclaimers: Please note that documents originating from third parties are disclosed to you based on Regulation (EC) No 1049/2001. However, this disclosure is without prejudice to the rules on intellectual property, which may limit your right to reproduce or exploit the released documents without the agreement of the originator, who may hold an intellectual property right on them. The European Commission does not assume any responsibility from their reuse. Documents Ares(2020)4945862 and Ares(2020)3119057 were drawn up for internal use under the responsibility of the relevant service of the Secretariat-General. They solely reflect the service’s interpretation of the interventions made and do not set out any official position of the third parties to which the documents refer, which were not consulted on their content. They do not reflect the position of the Commission and cannot be quoted as such. In case you disagree with this position, you are entitled, in accordance with Article 7(2) of Regulation (EC) No 1049/2001, to submit a confirmatory application requesting the Commission to review this position. Such a confirmatory application should be addressed within 15 working days upon receipt of this letter to the Secretariat-General of the Commission at the following address: European Commission Secretariat-General Unit C.1. ‘Transparency, Document Management and Access to Documents’ BERL 7/076 B-1049 Brussels, or by email to: Yours sincerely, (e-signed) William SLEATH Annexes: 10 3 Electronically signed on 18/11/2020 17:12 (UTC+01) in accordance with article 11 of Commission Decision C(2020) 4482