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Driver-Front-PHoto System (FFS) 687 430 Product Features  Data usable in court for driver registration  24 h driver and license plate registration  Clearly visible pictures across windshields  Flash invisible to human eyes  Video and/or single-frame recording  FFS can be emplaced up to 80 m away from the NIR-Laser-camera system                                            emergency vehicle  Easy alignment on the roadside Actionable image recording of persons and vehicles (24/7) The driver front-photo system consists of all the necessary          Technical Details system components for the registration of vehicles with    Ultra-sensitive 4.2 MP CMOS camera with narrow driver and license plate at full speed. band interference filter The system is designed for the integration into a surveillance    Eye-safe yet powerful illumination based on laser vehicle to be located no more than 80 m away from the technology near-infrared (NIR) camera-laser unit.    Recording is completely independent from daylight    Processing of image data with 12-bit gray scale The system consists of components of particularly high dynamic quality in order to provide the best possible image quali-    External triggering of recording sequence ty, so that a clear image of the driver can be recorded and    Storage with standard network recorders evaluated. For this purpose, a 4.2 MP camera in concert                                                                    Driver recognition:   Reduction of stray light by using optical filters and NIR laser illumination    Recording with commercially available data storage with high dynamic range and the near-infrared illumination and formats technology LaserFlash is being deployed.    Open interfaces    Integration into digital network recorders Privacy regulations are not being violated at any time, since recording is triggered only on demand and for a limited                                                                       Application                                                           Contents/Components duration.                                                                                                                    Driver recognition in distance violations without 		                Camera-Laser-Unit visible flash                                                       Controller and recording software Additional Technical Details                            Driver recognition in speeding violations without 		                Controller-Box visible flash                                                       Tripod Wavelength                      808 nm                      Search for criminals on roads without stopping 		                   Heavy Duty PC Emission Angle                  3°                           traffic                                                             Cable drum with optical fiber and copper cables    Recording for subsequent database comparison 		                     Transport box Recording Distance              20 m with black or white list                                            Recorder software for video recording Frame Rate                      max. 30 Hz                  Equipment for automatic gate for access control                     Instructions Effective Pixels                4,2 Megapixels 20                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   21

LaserfLASH OVERVIEW LASERFLASH MODELS The following table introduces you to the most important                                         If the necessary technical feasibility is confirmed we will data of all available laser illuminations. Please contact us in                                  send you an offer for a customized device. case you require a customized version. Suitable Camera Types   Laser Protection Class Max. Range [m] Available Emission                                                        Dimensions [mm] Wavelength [nm]                                                                                                                                         Protection Class (depending on various Laserflash other parameters)        Angles [°]                                                                WxHxD               Voltage [V] Eye-safe IR laser illumination for under-                             Product Features cover investigations                                                  Eye-safe, invisible light (laser class 1)                                                                                                                                   Digital                                              1 or 785, 808             150@940nm 3°, 5°,                                                                                 129x122x Our infrared laser illumination systems LaserFlash are desi-         Suitable for all common camera types (analog, digital      LaserFlash P TTL                                                   with TTL                                             1/3R-                                         12 V DC         IP65 or 940              250@808nm 12°, 23°                                                                                  152 gned for professional applications of investigating authori-          with TTL Sync, network camera)                                                                                                 Sync.                                               Kombi ties to illuminate objects at short, medium and long ranges.         All devices suitable for outdoor use 785, 808 The invisible, eye-safe laser light allows the authorities           Mobile use thanks to 12 V operation                                                                        150@940nm 3°, 5°,                                                       1 or LaserFlash P IT               or                                                                Analog                                           129x122x152          12 V DC         IP65 Option to switch from laser class 1 to laser class 3 R                                                     250@808nm 12°, 23°                                                      1/3R to operate safely in public areas to illuminate observation                                                                                                  940 objects over a distance of several hundred meters without             to extend range Different emission angles (angles 3°, 5° and 12°)                                     785, 808 being detected in situations of poor visibility or at night.                                                                                                                    120@940nm 3°, 5°,                                                       1 or LaserFlash P QCW              or                                                                           All                                   129x122x152          12 V DC         IP65 thanks to changeable optics                                                                                200@808nm 12°, 23°                                                      1/3R 940 Our laser systems have been used by the authorities for many years and always meet the highest standards of relia-                                                                                                  785, 808                                 Digital 250@940nm 3°, 5°,                                                       1 or bility, luminous efficiency and user-friendliness.                                                                               LaserFlash Plus TTL           or                                   with TTL                                                                      202x215x280          12 V DC         IP65 500@808nm 12°, 23°                                                      1/3R 940                                    Sync. The laser safety is guaranteed by the professional associ- ation. The devices help officials with difficult tasks, such as                                                                                             785, 808 250@940nm 3°, 5°,                                                       1 or reading license plates at night, looking through windows,                                                                        LaserFlash Plus IT            or                                                                Analog                                           202x215x280          12 V DC         IP65 500@808nm 12°, 23°                                                      1/3R looking through stray light or night observations.                                                                                                            940 785, 808 200@940nm 3°, 5°,                                                       1 or LaserFlash Plus QCW           or                                                                           All                                   202x215x280          12 V DC         IP65 400@808nm 12°, 23°                                                      1/3R 940 0,2°, 3°,                                       1 or                    120x232x272                   From Fi- LED vs Laser Illumination                                                                                                        LaserFlash F 940             940                      100                5°, 12°,                          All          1/3R                        Optics:           12 V DC ber Outlet The laser is not brighter but offers linearly polarized light                                                                                                                                               23°                                          Combi                      Ø25/50                        IP65 with a bandwidth narrower than LEDs minimizing the                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     12 V DC disturbing influence of other light sources such as vehicle                                                                      LaserFlash Compact           905                       15                   30°                            All                   1               34x105x170           Batterie        IP65 headlights. This advantage makes it especially appealing for                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           230 V AC professional use and enables the user to take pictures even under the most difficult conditions.                                                                                                                           808                                         0,2° - LaserFlash BC                                      5.000                                                   All                   4               323x239x334          12 V DC         IP65 (940)                                         20° 808                                         0,2° - LaserFlash BC-S7                                   5.000                                                   All                   4               200x206x505          12 V DC         IP65 (940)                                         20° 0,2°, 3°,                                       1 or                    120x232x272                   From Fi- 600@LK1 LaserFlash F 1550            1550                                        5°, 12°,                          All          1/3R                        Optics            12 V DC ber Outlet 2.000@L 23°                                          Combi                      Ø25/50                        IP65 22                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        23

LaserfLASH POSSIBLE APPLICATIONS Our LaserFlash product line supports police, customs and                     to observe objects over a distance of several hundred meters    Vehicle registration number through backlight other security agencies to perform covert investigations. The                in poor visibility or at night, without being detected.         Until now reading of license plates at low beam conditions was limited. For the first invisible, eye-safe laser light allows the forces                                                                                            time it is possible to read vehicle license plates stray light conditions using high-per- formance IR laser illumination in conjunction with an interference filter. Scattered Light Suppression Video cameras are very sensitive to disturbing light intensity peaks (such as car head- lights) and changing light conditions especially in the dark, leading often to over-ex- posure rendering the objects in an unsatisfactory quality. Our LaserFlash devices                   v License plate recognition with and without laser illumination and filter. suppress the visible light by using an interference filter. Glare from flashlights or other light sources is avoided. Compared to LED IR illuminations, IR laser illuminations emit waves in a very narrow spectral range (2-4 nm), which reduces stray light up to 6                   Support for night vision and targeting devices with times more efficiently.                                                                             image amplifier The different LaserFlash QCW models support night vision devices and target devices v Top: Sensor override without laser. Below: High-contrast video image decoupled from stray light. with IR image amplifier devices. As surface illumination, the lasers can illuminate a scene and provide the user with a formidable advantage, rendering the surroundings with more contrast and detail. Support of IP & analog cameras Variations of the LaserFlash P & Plus are offered in operating modes IT and QCW. The v Passive laser light for special forces and sharpshooters relying on night vision devices IT variant is synchronized with the video signal of an analogue camera providing the maximum amount of light during the exposure time. The QCW variant functions with both IP and analogue cameras. No coupling with the camera has to be performed because the system emits laser pulses at 300 Hz. The simultaneous integration of                    Observation from an apartment several cameras ensures a high level of usability.                                                  Windows are the key factor when observing from a conspiratorial apartment. The powerful LaserFlash P & Plus variants can be used behind window panes to illumi- nate a scenery in the outdoor area. Depending on the IR absorption properties of the v LaserFlash products support cameras with analog and IP video output.                              window glass the range might be affected accordingly. v Laser and camera observation through the windows of a conspiratorial apartment. Less disturbing sunlight reflections thanks to polarized IR laser light Disturbing reflections caused by sunlight are reduced by a polarizing filter and power-             Looking through windows ful IR laser illumination. Compared to other IR light sources the laser light is polarized          Especially at dusk, the view into a room is being obstructed by reflections when over- and passes through the filter. Disturbing sunlight is reduced by means of special                   cast or by street lighting at night. filters and active IR illumination.                                                                 LaserFlash P and Plus models are therefore ideal for taking high-contrast pictures through windows. v Top: Observation at a distance of 40 m without Laser. v Disturbing sunlight is reduced by special filters while being actively illuminated with IR light.   Bottom: Observation at a distance of 40 m with Laser.- interior is visible.. Application in public space with eye-safe IR laser illumination                                     Discrete video surveillance at night Our Laser Class 1 IR laser illumination is eye-safe and can therefore be used in public             Our LaserFlash devices illuminate a dark scene over large distances with light com- areas. The laser safety of the products has been certified by the professional associ-              pletely invisible to the human eye. For different applications we offer different models ation ETEM.                                                                                         and wavelengths. People and objects can be observed in high image quality unnoticed and in secret. v Top: Three levels at a distance of 200 m. The stray light is suppressed by the street lighting.   v Observation at a distance of 80 m without attracting attention. Bottom: Observation of a person 150 meters away.                                                   Top: Without Laser Bottom: with Laser. 24                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      25

LaserfLASH LaserFlash Compact                                                                                LaserFlash F                                                         LaserFlash P IT                                                                                   LaserFlash P QCW     Invisible short-range illumination                                                               Discrete system thanks to small size                               IR illumination up to an effective range of 250 m (1)                                            IR illumination up to an effective range of 200 m (1)     Integrated Li-Ion battery for off-grid operation                                                 Invisible illumination for medium ranges                           Bright and cost-effective thanks to integrated 		                                             � Invisible and eye-safe light     24/7 operation with external power supply                                                        Stable lighting conditions with stray light                         TrigBox                                                                                        Suitable for IP and analog cameras without     Good lighting conditions despite stray light                                                     Password protected activation of laser class                       Compact size                                                                                      synchronization     Outdoor capability up to IP-65                                                                    3R mode                                                            Invisible and eye-safe light                                                                   Compact size    Suppression of interfering light influences                                                    Suppression of interfering light influences    High image quality even in difficult light conditions                                          Application with laser class 3R possible for long Product Description                                                                               Product Description                                                                                                                                                        distances  High image quality even in difficult lighting LaserFlash Compact is able to illuminate rooms and                                                LaserFlash F infrared laser illumination is suitable for other target scenarios with invisible infrared laser light                                        discrete monitoring tasks up to a maximum distance Product Description                                                                                   conditions and stabilizes (2) the lighting conditions during under-                                          of 50 m (1). The light is guided via an optical fiber to a           LaserFlash P IT is able to illuminate objects with invi- cover video surveillance. Distances of 15 m (1) can be                                            small lens, which can be mounted outdoors. The optical               sible laser light at distances of up to 250 m (1). illuminated temporarily for one night using the built-in                                          fiber is available up to a length of 15 m. This allows a             To use the maximum amount of light, the integrated Product Description lithium-ion battery or permanently with the power ad-                                             very high degree of concealment.                                     electronics synchronize the laser with the exposure                                               LaserFlash P QCW illuminates objects with invisible la- apter. LaserFlash Compact is operated by a push-but-                                                                                                                   time of the analog video camera.                                                                  ser light at distances of up to 200 m (1) without having ton and can therefore be activated within seconds.                                                The use of infrared lasers can reduce the influence                                                                                                                    to sync with the cameras used. Several cameras and of disturbing light and lighten dark areas. This allows              In combination with an infrared-sensitive camera, the                                             night vision devices can be supported at the same time Synchronization with the camera is not necessary                                                  undercover operations in the most difficult lighting                 LaserFlash P IT is ideally suited for covert investiga-                                           with infrared light for demanding night-time observa- and no cable connections are required. Its unobtrusi-                                             conditions.                                                          tions or military operations.                                                                     tions. ve design allows the device to be left behind without                                                                                                                  Its compact design makes it ideal for mobile applica- arousing immediate suspicion.                                                                                                                                          tions.                                                                                            The 12 V operating voltage is ideal for mobile appli- The beam angle can be easily adapted to the different                                             cations. The beam angle can be easily adapted to the The laser is absolutely harmless and can therefore be                                                                                                                  applications with the available lenses.                                                           different applications with available lenses. used without any reservations. Important Technical Details                                                                       Important Technical Details Important Technical Details                                                                       Important Technical Details                                          Wavelength                                      785/808/940 nm                                    Wavelength                            785/808/940 nm Wavelength                                      905 nm                                            Wavelength                            940 nm                         Range at 785/808 nm                             up to 250 m                                       Range at 785/808 nm                   up to 200 m Range                                           15 m                                              Range                                 LK1/15 m, LK3R/50 m, LK4       Range at 940 nm                                 up to 150 m                                       Range at 940 nm                       up to 120 m Synchronization with analog Camera              No                                                Synchronization with analog Camera    Yes                            Synchronization with analog Camera              Yes                                               Synchronization with analog Camera    No Digital-Camera ready                            Yes                                               Digital-Camera ready                  No                             Digital-Camera ready                            YES                                               Digital-Camera ready                  Yes Available Emission Angles                       30°                                               Available Emission Angles             3°, 5°, 12°, 23°               Available Emission Angles                       3°, 5°, 12°, 23°                                  Available Emission Angles             3°, 5°, 12°, 23° (1) Range depends on the wavelength used, sensor sensitivity, reflectivity of the object, transmission of the lens (max @ 785 nm)                                      (1) Range depends on the wavelength used, sensor sensitivity, reflectivity of the object, transmission of the lens (max @ 785 nm) 26                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      27

LaserFLASH LaserFlash PLUS IT                                                                                LaserFlash PLUS QCW                                        LaserFlash BC                                             LaserFlash BC-S7    IR illumination up to an effective range of 500 m (1)                                             IR illumination up to an effective range of 400 m (1)    Invisible laser light to enhance vision with night 		    Invisible laser light to enhance vision with night    Bright and cost-effective thanks to integrated 		                                                 Invisible and eye-safe light                              vision devices and cameras                                vision devices and cameras TrigBox                                                                                           Without synchronization for IP and analog cameras        Increased security thanks to remote control              Illumination up to 10 km (depending on various    Invisible and eye-safe light                                                                      Suppression of interfering light influences              Illumination up to 5 km (depending on various 		          system parameters)    Suppression of interfering light influences                                                       Application with laser class 3R possible for long 		      parameters)                                              Available wavelengths 810 nm and 940 nm    Application for long distances with laser class 3R 		                                              distances                                                Available wavelengths 810 nm and 940 nm                  Remote control via IP interface available                                                                                         Easy installation, compact design and sturdy design      Integrated pan-tilt unit                                 Beam diameter changeable during operation    High image quality even in difficult light conditions                                             High image quality even in difficult light conditions    For mobile outdoor use                                   Seawater resistant    Robust housing                                           Robust housing    Safe illumination of the object while staying under Product description                                                                               Product description                                            cover LaserFlash Plus IT is able to illuminate objects with                                             LaserFlash Plus QCW is able to illuminate objects Product description invisible laser light at distances of up to 500 m (1). The                                        with invisible laser light at distances of up to 400 m (1)                                                           LaserFlash BC-S7 is a long-range IR laser illumination integrated electronics synchronize the laser with the                                             without synchronizing with the cameras being used. Product description                                       for naval, coastal and border surveillance applications exposure time of the camera in order to use the maxi-                                             Several cameras and night vision devices can be sup-       LaserFlash BC is a new product in the series of           or can also be mounted on vehicles. The extremely ro- mum light intensity.                                                                              ported at the same time with infrared light for deman-     long-range IR laser illumination at OptoPrecision.        bust housing is made of seawater-resistant aluminum. ding nighttime observations.                               The remote-controlled laser illumination was especially   The military-grade plug-in connections and windscreen In combination with an infrared-sensitive camera,                                                                                                            designed for outdoor applications like border patrol and  washer system allow reliable operation in harsh opera- LaserFlash Plus IT is ideal for covert investigation.                                             The 12 V operating voltage is ideal for mobile appli-      coastal protection providing IR light for very long dis-  ting conditions and environments. cations. The beam angle can be easily adjusted to          tances of up to 5 km. Thanks to LaserFlash BC the pos- The beam angle can be easily adapted to the different                                             different applications with the available lenses.          sible applications of night vision devices and infrared   LaserFlash BC-S7 emits laser light at 810 nm (other applications with the available optics.                                                                                                                      sensitive cameras can be significantly improved. The      wavelengths are available optionally) very suitable for opening angle can be freely selected by remote control    CCD / CMOS / EMCCD cameras as well as night vision ranging from 0.2 to 20 °allowing light adjustments        devices with image amplifiers. The opening angle is for any application. The integrated pan-tilt unit allows  freely selectable ranging from 0.2° - 20° degrees. The remote adjustments of the beam orientation.               laser flash BC-S7 is controlled via IP interface. Thanks to the wireless remote-controlled system the user does not need to stay in the immediate vicinity of Important Technical Details                                                                       Important Technical Details                               the device. This feature allows the application of Laser- Flash even for demanding military tasks in which active Wavelength                                      785/808/940 nm                                    Wavelength                             785/808/940 nm light sources can only be used to a limited extent. Range at 785/808 nm                             Up to 500 m                                       Range at 785/808 nm                    Up to 400 m By illuminating large areas and greatly improving the Range at 940 nm                                 Up to 250 m                                       Range at bei 940 nm                    Up to 200 m vision of personnel the system thereby increases safe- Synchronization with analog Camera              Yes                                               Synchronization with analog Camera     No                 ty and success. Digital-Camera ready                            No                                                IP-Camera ready                        Yes Available Emission Angles                       3°, 5°, 12°, 23°                                  Available Emission Angles              3°, 5°, 12°, 23° (1) Range depends on the wavelength used, sensor sensitivity, reflectivity of the object, transmission of the lens (max @ 785 nm) 28                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  29

LaserFLASH Stealthy Light Source for                                           Long Ranges Observation Operations                                              LaserFlash F 1550 is equipped with very small, inconspi- cuous wave optics only 25 mm or 50 mm in diameter and Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) laser illumination systems are           can be camouflaged excellently. Taking into account the an absolute novelty. For the first time it is possible to gene-     regulations for laser protection the system achieves very rate light for observation operations without being detected        high ranges of up to 500 m. by third parties.                                                   Ranges up to 2,000 m are possible with the collimated laser beams. The light emission angle can be easily changed by replacing Applications                                                        the lenses on site. This can be done by the user within a You can use LaserFlash F 1550 whenever you need to per- short period of time.                                           House at a distance of 550 m.            LaserFlash F 1550 The system can be operated vis the base unit and the USB        (50 mm laser head, eye-safe) form discreet monitoring missions and alternative technolo- interface from a PC. gy will not give you any satisfactory results.    Not detectable with commercial camera technology    High ranges That‘s the case if: High Safety-Levels for User, Target                                                                       Very flexible Stable light conditions in stray light Individuals and Investigation    thermal imagers do not provide sufficient detail  Image amplifiers cannot be used due to backlight    Password protected laser class 3R / 4 mode  It is too dark for low light cameras                              The safety of people is very important to us. 	Near-infrared light sources are detected by                       For this reason, the laser safety of our systems is tested, reconnaissance                                                   controlled and certified by the independend „Berufsgenos-                                              Product description senschaft“.                                                                                            LaserFlash F 1550 is the next generation of laser light By default, LaserFlash F 1550 is operated with laser class                                             sources for highly sensitive video surveillance. The Very Stealthy                                                       1. After entering a password, the device can be switched to laser class 3R / 4, which is not safe for the eyes, but allows illumination emits at SWIR (short wave infrared) range of 1550 nm and is not detectable with conventional All commercially available cameras (camcorders, mobile              higher distances. This option is visually displayed on the     Site trailer at a distance of 230m. cameras or night vision devices. As a result, the Laser- phones, CCTV cameras, DSLR cameras, etc.) are equipped              device if active.                                              (25 mm laser head, eye-safe) Flash F 1550 and other SWIR systems from Opto- with silicon sensors. Due to the physics involved these Precision are also suitable for the use against serious devices can only detect light up to a maximum wavelength criminals. of 1100 nm. The all new SWIR light source emits laser light at 1550 nm Eye-safe applications in close ranges are possible and is therefore not detectable by commercial cameras. This thanks to the availability of different diffuser optics and is a massive advantage over systems in the near-infrared password-protected power settings. spectral range. Illuminating with collimator optics is possible in dis- tances greater than one kilometer with a low NOHD (Nominal Ocular Hazard Distance). The lighting, to- gether with a dedicated SWIR camera, creates a unique Intensity [%]            visible range		           near infrared		                      short-wave infrared                                                                surveillance system opening up new opportunities in 100                                                                                                                                                                        the fight against crime and significantly improves the Looking through window, distance 100 m. safety of policemen and personnel. (50 mm laser head, eye-safe) Laser Light Visible Light Quantum efficiency                             Quantum efficiency of Si-Sensor                                   of InGaAs-Sensor                                      Please contact us if you want to test the system. We would like to arrange an appoint- 0         400			                          		               800    940				                               1550      Wave length [nm]   ment for product demonstration. Optical spectrum of SWIR Laser Illumination Systems 30                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   31

LaserFLASH Range of laserflash-models LaserFlash Compact                  15 m LaserFlash F 940 nm		                      50 m LaserFlash P QCW 785 nm					                                          200 m LaserFlash P QCW 940 nm		                              120 m LaserFlash P IT 785 nm						                                                   250 m LaserFlash P IT 940 nm				                                 150 m LaserFlash Plus QCW 785 nm								                                                                           400 m LaserFlash Plus QCW 940 nm				                                       200 m LaserFlash Plus IT 808 nm											 500 m LaserFlash Plus IT 940 nm						                                                250 m 0m               100 m              200 m               300 m               400 m            500 m ACCESSORIES for LASERFLASH DEVICES ITEM                        FUNCTION                                        Technical description Interference filter for 5 mm C-Mount intermediary ring Interference Filter         Filter for the suppression of interference Available wavelengths: 785, 808, 905, 940 nm For the attachment of a camera and               Adapter plates available for LaserFlash P and Tripod adapter plate       LaserFlash to a standard tripod.                 LaserFlash Plus. Significant improvement of image quality Image stabilization                                                         Processes analog video signals and increase of information content. The front frames determine the radiation        Horizontal: 3°, 5°, 12° oder 23° Front frame                 angle of the laser beam.                        Vertical: 3°, 5°, 12° oder 23° Turns lasers on in the dark and turns           Available for the current models of LaserFlash P, Twilight sensor             them off in day-light conditions.               Plus and F series. Furthermore, we offer you tripods, power supply units, spacer rings, filters, tailor-made carrying cases as well as special lenses and cameras. 32                                                                                                                                   33

LED Searchlight Product Features   Efficient light source with low power consumption and low heat emission 	No need to replace the light source during product life  Reliable IP67 enclosure with waterproof drying cartridge  Optics focusable  Compact design with high range 	No glare outside the illuminated area  Fast switchable light source for the exchange or transmission of optical codes LED searchlight                                                 Applications   Searchlight for SAR missions for spot illumination of scenes and ob-                       Well-defined spot lighting for long distance illumi- jects at distances up to approx. 2,500 m                        nation 	Navigational aid LED searchlight OPS was developed as an innovative light      Transmission of light signals and Morse code source equipped with the latest OSRAM LED technology in a particularly compact and durable design. Thanks to the LED technology used, the product has a very low energy       Important Technical Details consumption and emits almost no heat. 10-18 V DC or Voltage 90-240 V AC The high-quality optics achieve very homogeneous illumi- nation results when focused ± 2° with very little scattered  Average Power Consumption            200 W light outside the beam cone. Color Temperature                    6.000 K Due to the excellent beam profile the spot provides cut-     Light Power                          12.000 lm ting-edge lighting performance. Range                                2.500 m The minimum required supply voltage of 10-18 V DC (opti-     Emission Angle                       ± 2° onally 90-240 V AC) is particularly advantageous for use in Operating Temperature                -40°C - +55°C mobile applications. The housing with IP protection class 67 is pressure-tight and seawater-resistant and withstands      Protection Class                     IP 67 short-term flooding. Durability                           >20.000 h Weight                               12 kg 34                                                                                                                      35

UV-LED Documentcheck checking Dokuments at 365 nm Product Features UV LED Light source                                              High optical performance 	Very compact for document verification on the move                           Bipolar connection of the supply voltage, protected This powerful UV light source has been developed for mobile       reverse polarity document validation. The wavelength of 365 nm is used to excite all luminescent and fluorescent materials of the hidden safety features. The high-quality metal housing is used as heatsink for the high-power LED. The integrated electronics also have a temperature monitoring system in order to prevent overhe- ating when being operated in summertime. The light source         Applications                                                 Bank Note Testing                     Validation of Documents window is designed as a diffuser to illuminate an area equi- valent to A5 at distances typical for a glove box.               Validation of documents and bills in police service vehicles Furthermore, the diffuser in the window reduces the beam         Designed to be installed in car glove box quality of the LED to eliminate the risk of refocusing reflec- tions. Nevertheless, it should be pointed out that the light source must be operated in such a way that nobody can look direc- tly into the light source. Therefore, mounting the device in the glove box with the beam pointing downwards is ideal, both for the safety of the   Technical Details users and for providing optimal contrast when viewing the Optical Output                       ca. 800 mW documents, since the glove compartment provides additio-                                                                       Original                              Falsification nal protection from stray light.                                Wavelength                           365 nm Voltage                              9-15 VDC Power Consumption at 20°C            3W at a housing temperature Temperature Control of UV-LED        of about 50°C the output is throttled                                 The standard DIN EN 62471 is fulfilled. 36                                                                                                                                                                                             37

our partners OPTOPRECISION - WE CREATE SOLUTIONS FOR YOUR                                                                                     notes SURVEILLANCE TASKS The demand for integrated, reliable security concepts and         For many years, we have worked closely with the world‘s technologies has risen sharply in recent years. Our strength      leading manufacturers in the field of camera and video is to create the best possible visual conditions at any time of   technology, optics, night vision and security technology and day or night and in any weather condition.                        therefore know the strengths and limitations of the hard- ware and software components available on the market for As a manufacturer of LED and laser light sources as well          a wide range of tasks. as complex integrated monitoring systems, we specialize in customizing, extending and integrating various system          As specialist in this field, we are happy to advise you during components to solve a wide variety of challenges encounte-        the acquisition of further system components or develop red by our customers.                                             with you a system from scratch that is optimally tailored to your area of application and your requirements. INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS FOR THE BEST SURVEILLANCE RESULTS Here is a small selection of companies whose products have proven themselves in our systems for many years: IMPRINT Publisher: OptoPrecision GmbH Auf der Höhe 15 28357 Bremen Managing directors: Dr. Martin Nägele (V.i.S.d.P.: Klaudia Kulak) Design and Realisation: raumzeitmedia, Bremen Photos: Andreas Caspari, fotolia, iStock Print: SchmidtDruck, Bremen 38                                                                                                                                                                                   39

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