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EES Solutions for Border Security and Passenger Facilitation at land/sea borders

Land Borders: The elephant in the room: What is the benefit of securing air borders if our land borders are leaking? 2 Frontex, Warsaw, 25th of September 2018 -CONFIDENTIAL-

EU Pre-Travel information of TCNs planned trips IF VISA                   VIS             IF VISA               ETIAS REQUIRED                                  WAIVER Confirmation of fingerprints in VIS using Registration of 4FP and Face at border ABC and registration into EES                 control desk into EES EES                                     EES DESK GATE & EXPEDITED EXIT :                    or NEXT VISITS

Air and Sea: API/PNR data to forewarn receiving government Possibility to focus on high risk travelers by collecting passenger info in advance • SIS II • Interpol SLTD • Internal DBs API System DEPARTURE                                                                Background check    ARRIVAL PNR data 4 Frontex, Warsaw, 25th of September 2018 -CONFIDENTIAL-

What about Road and Rail? Challenges with road and rail borders FRAGMENTED: Road borders are not homogenous – motorways, single lane, country roads ENVIRONMENTAL CHALLENGES: freezing temperatures, rain, darkness, vibration EFFICIENCY: FastPass trial showed it can be done, but slow and expensive IMPLEMENTATION: Collecting 4FP + Face from cars/trains presents massive logistical challenges 5 Frontex, Warsaw, 25th of September 2018 -CONFIDENTIAL-

Problem Definition How can the requirements of EES be met at ROAD and RAIL borders Without compromising security Without delaying traffic unnecessarily 6 Frontex, Warsaw, 25th of September 2018 -CONFIDENTIAL-

Registered Traveller Programs could be part of the solution Member States may introduce a national Registered Traveller Scheme if they wish Improve acceptance with RTP Enrolment that could be performed from home Enrolment completion at controlled environment like border point or embassy ensures the quality of data Enables pre check as for the Air- and Sea border and facilitates risk management Facilitates border crossing due to the use of another authentication method like Facial recognition 7 Frontex, Warsaw, 25th of September 2018 -CONFIDENTIAL-

DHS 2018 Biometric Technology Rally 8 Frontex, Warsaw, 25th of September 2018 -CONFIDENTIAL-

Facial capture in vehicle using Live Face Identification System Model                                             Database Matching Other vendors HIT   are available 9 Frontex, Warsaw, 25th of September 2018 -CONFIDENTIAL-

We propose to provide all the necessary elements for EES using live facial capture alone Passport Chip Photo + MRZ + Passive Authentication veller Record 10 Frontex, Warsaw, 25th of September 2018 -CONFIDENTIAL-

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