Abuja, 18 th of July, 2019 FRONTEX TECHNOLOGY BRIEFING SEPTEMBER 25, 2019 Gustavo Duarte - Senior Sales Manager
ABT BRIEFING Who we are What we offer Past projects
WHO WE ARE Austrian Center of Excellence for Airborne System Integration
WHO WE ARE  The ISR integration technology provider  Founded in 2008  Special ops with own aircraft fleet  Global customer base Airborne Technologies GmbH Airport Wiener Neustadt, Austria EASA Part 21 J     Approved Design Organisation EASA Part 21 G     Approved Production Organisation
ISR AIRWORTHINESS EXPERTS • Over 200 EASA approved modifications on fixed and rotary wing aircraft • Production Organisation Approval (Part 21G) • The Design Organisation Approval’s CS-23, CS27 and CS29 Scope (Part 21J) includes minor and major changes (STC) in the fields: •  Avionics                     • Flight characteristics •  Cabin modifications          • Hydro-mechanical systems •  Electrical systems           • Structures
WHAT WE OFFER AIR OPERATIONS [Aerial Surveys, ISR Ops & Data Services] SPECIAL MISSION UPGRADES [Integration + Certification] SPECIAL MISSION AIRCRAFT [Aircraft + Integration + Certification]
WHAT WE OFFER: ISR INTEGRATION SCOPE FIXED INSTALLATION                              SELF CONTAINED INSTALLATION Mission Equipment is fully integrated into the aircraft Mission equipment is self contained & portable FIXED WING                     ROTARY WING                         S.C.A.R. - POD
EO/IR CAMERA BRACKET  Lightweight carbon fibre construction  Internal Vibration damping due to special carbon fibre/kevlar construction  Increased structural strength EC 135          EC 145
EO/IR CAMERA LIFTS  Lightweight carbon fibre construction  Electrical camera lift  For 10“, 15“ and 20“ gimbals