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Frontex Industry Days 24-25 Sept 2019 Airbus Presentation ALTAIR    ® We make your mission a success…

Airbus, a global leader in Aerospace & Defence Who are we? Commercial Aircraft                    Defence & Space                 Helicopters Space Systems                  Communication,                Military Aircraft           Unmanned Aerial Intelligence & Security                                         Systems Security Solutions 2

Security Solutions – What we do Providing large-scale integrated systems Security Solutions designs, develops and implements       • Large-scale, integrated border surveillance systems integrated systems including platforms and services • Coastal and land surveillance systems securing more across national, regional and local levels. than 15,000km Our expertise in nationwide security capabilities covers: • Comprehensive security portfolio, from systems to • Land border security                                      services • Maritime security and safety                            • Integration of customer legacy systems into one • Critical national infrastructure (CNI)                    comprehensive solution • Managed security services                               • Field-proven security systems 3   23 September, 2019

A Web solution for Border Security ALTAIR Demonstra tion Web Sigence                  Actacor                 ® enhanced Radio Frequency information Country B                               A fixed and mobile solution based on modern web technologies, Allows displaying the real-live X-Change                  Web           Surveillance Picture, based on data acquired from remote Gateway              Actacor ®         sensors. From the same web interface, the operator can remotely command and control the sensors installed in the operational field, as well as to generate Events and coordinate Missions. Country A

Airbus X-Change Gateway – Situation Picture Exchange Key EUROPEAN Situation Picture Benefits Seamless and automated information exchange NCC 1                                 NCC N    Data adaptation to create a consolidated situational picture Independent of existing implementations of the National Situation Pictures Dissemination based on data classification Powerful analytics and reporting

Refugees Camp Altair                       Specific design SAFETY Value POPULARITY                                        LIVE STREAM                                   Proposition High public                                       Data transmission to the ground acceptance Border Crossing     Unique platform for large range of missions SIMPLICITY                                       ENDURANCE  Where safety matter Simplified and fast                                Autonomy 3h+                                    the most deployement DISCRETION                                                               Easy deployement Low noise level, no emission  Live video stream SPECS                   Analytics for Take-off weight: 0,5kg Take-off mass: 25-30kg Classification (Multi Volume:           28m³   objects tracking, Crowd Endurance: 3hrs – 8hrs   estimation, …) Max Altitude: 1800m Payload:           5kg

Sigence Signal Localization & Identification. Border Surveillance Jammer Detection to uncover illegal migration Stage 1                            and crimes like smuggling at BCP’s We provide new capabilities in Border Surveillance to Green Border               enhance security Surveillance to enhance Stage 2                            situational awareness      • Our passive system and prevent illegal border   provides insight into crossings                    activities and movements on foreign land territory Integrated Border Surveillance Solution combined with flying Stage 3                           platforms for mobile use cases applicable for various use cases 7 9/23/2019         SIGENCE