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International Conference on Biometrics for Borders 2019: Morphing and
Morphing Attack Detection Methods

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Warsaw, 27 June 2019

Dear Madam/Sir,

It is my pleasure to invite you to the International Conference on Biometrics for Borders 2019
(ICBB2019). The event is organised by the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex) and will
take place in Warsaw, Poland, on 9-10 October 2019.

Biometric technologies used to recognise persons have become an integral part of the border checks
process. They provide new opportunities to border management to make a border crossing more
convenient for legitimate travellers while making borders more secure. For Frontex and the border
management community, the exploration of existing and future biometric technologies is crucial to
border security and the facilitation of legitimate travellers. To lead this exploration, Frontex is planning
to organise a series of annual conferences dedicated to the topic of biometrics, its possible use in border
control and the challenges that may arise from the use of biometric technologies at our borders.

The ICBB2019 will be dedicated to the use of biometrics in the context of border control, with this
year’s thematic focus on morphing and its possible implications for border security. Morphing in the
context of border control is a relatively new and undocumented phenomenon. Researchers, law
enforcement authorities and industry alike are already actively engaged in research aimed at addressing
and overcoming this challenge. The conference will provide a platform for international dialogue by
bringing together the law enforcement community that acknowledges morphing as a potential problem,
and the research community and industry that are actively developing ways to prevent, detect and/or
defeat morphing attacks.

To help catalogue the various research efforts and latest developments in detection techniques and
algorithms, three key objectives have been identified:

= discuss the current situation and the problem for borders;

= list and discuss ongoing (research) activities related to morphing and morphing attack detection
methods, and;

= identify current practices aimed at the detection and/or prevention of morphing attacks.

To support the discussions, an industry exhibition is planned alongside the Conference. The exhibition
will go beyond the thematic focus of the conference and provide border management authorities and
other participants an insight into the latest developments in the field of biometrics, but also how
potential vulnerabilities can be better managed, and the way in which these technologies are impacting
border control now and in the future.

The Conference will gather some 175 delegates including officials from the European Union Member
States and non-EU countries, EU policy-makers and agencies, researchers and industry. I strongly
encourage the participation of decision-makers, project managers and other practitioners responsible
for the implementation of new technologies at the borders.


Frontex - European Border and Coast Guard Agency
www.frontex.europa.eu | Pl. Europejski 6, 00-844 Warsaw, Poland | Tel. +48 22 205 95 00 | Fax +48 22 205 95 01

Registration for the event can be done online till 26 August 2019 at the following link:


Should you have any questions about the Conference, please contact Frontex at the following email
address: @frontex.europa.eu.

Yours faithfully,


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Frontex - European Border and Coast Guard Agency
www.frontex.europa.eu | Pl. Europejski 6, 00-844 Warsaw, Poland | Tel. +48 22 205 95 00 | Fax +48 22 205 95 01