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FRONTEX ICBB 2019 Application of biometric technologies at our borders An industry perspective 10 October 2019

IDEMIA: Leading Augmented Identity for an increasingly digital world IDEMIA | Public Security & Identity Close to   $3Bn in revenue Well positioned in 13,000 employees                                                                     3Bn+                           our markets including 2,000+ in R&D                                                    identity documents issued WW #1 in police biometric systems More than 1.2Bn 80 nationalities                                                                                         SIM cards shipped   Trusted by 1,800 financial institutions in 2017 #1 in civil identity solutions 850M+ $200M+                                                                                      payment cards in R&D in 2017 & over                                                                                produced in 2017 1,500 active patent families Trusted by 500+ mobile operators Large-scale                                                                  250M+ embedded secure elements       Trusted by major industrial OEMs card production                                                                  deployed WW 10/10/2019 90+ major wins in eSIM #1   in US driver’s license issuance subscription management platforms 2

IDEMIA: partner for full border control programs IDEMIA | Public Security & Identity End-to-end ID                                  Mastering the key                          Border Control expertise                         System integration and management specialist                          technologies                               and experience                                   services • Besides the key technologies and • As an ID management specialist, IDEMIA       • Continuous in-house development of       • With decades of experience in border solutions developed internally, IDEMIA is present in the complete                     algorithms, Biometrics Identification      control with programs deployed worldwide, has strong system integration and ID chain.                                      Systems and data analytics for             IDEMIA has gained a deep understanding services capabilities to manage and • From applicant enrollment through              API-PNR Data                               of immigration agencies’ needs as well as deploy programs tailored to the specific manufacturing and issuance of a secured      • In-house development of biometric          passengers flows needs of our customers. document (i.e. passport, visa) to traveler     sensors and devices to capture and       • This expertise allows us to actively support identity verification.                         control travelers                          international organizations dealing with • Strong R&D investment to keep the lead     border control on these mission-critical technologies   • In order to stick with international 10/10/2019 • IDEMIA is consistently ranked top tier     regulations and citizens’ concerns, our across many modalities and multi-          solution relies on Privacy by Design biometric solutions (NIST)                 principles, and encapsulates data protection 3 IDEMIA algorithms

IDEMIA selected biometric references FRONTEX ICBB2019 - IDEMIA  EUROPEAN UNION: eu-LISA  Visa Information System (VIS) - BMS o Stores Schengen Visa applications for 26 Schengen countries o Upgrade to 85 million records, up to 13 million applications/year (1:N) o Real-time visa verification at the border via fingerprints (1:1)  Schengen Information System (SIS) - AFIS o AFIS system for Law Enforcement applications by Schengen MS  INDIA: Multi-biometric ABIS / very large scale Identity Management  Aadhaar project: 10 October 2019 o ABIS for all Indian people (1,2 billion) o Face, 2 irises, 10 fingers of each Indian person o Capture, enrolment and matching 4                                                                                                           IDEMIA algorithms

Opportunities Increasing pressure on                                       Rising adoption of government budget                                             biometrics 11 billion passengers                                                                  Innovation in artificial expected in 2030                                                                 intelligence (Airport Council International)                TRAVELERS IDEMIA                                              68 Million                                            Existing information on travellers, RESTRICTED                  stolen and lost travel documents                                                not used to its full extent today (2016, Interpol) 10 October 2019 About 200 terrorist attacks reported in 2017 Challenges 5 IDEMIA RESTRICTED

FRONTEX ICBB2019 - IDEMIA The way borders are managed today is probably not sustainable                                                                Needs a change of paradigm Striking a balance between security                                            Governments will not be able or will and facilitation might not be                                        not need to physically control enough                                        everyone, but will need to better understand what’s happening at their borders Cannot continue simply checking Need for more intelligence and identities against a passport and compliance to a check list of criteria less, more focused, control (valid travel doc, not watch-listed, nationality, EES, etc.). Make enlightened decisions and take adequate actions Not just at one specific border, for one specific Continuous repeat actions at                                                                            crossing 10 October 2019 each Border Crossing Point take too                             But centered on a person and its continuous much time, causing congestion                                                     interaction with the government 6 IDEMIA RESTRICTED

And then there was the Entry Exit System…   Security FRONTEX ICBB2019 - IDEMIA ENTRY & EXIT 10 October 2019 7                                                                                  IDEMIA algorithms

BORDER GUARDS PERSPECTIVE FRONTEX ICBB2019 - IDEMIA Security                   Facilitation 10 October 2019 8                                                           IDEMIA algorithms

TRAVELER / AIRPORT PERSPECTIVE FRONTEX ICBB2019 - IDEMIA Security                        Facilitation 10 October 2019 9                                                                IDEMIA algorithms

ENTRY EXIT SYSTEM OPERATIONAL IMPACT AREAS FRONTEX ICBB2019 - IDEMIA ENTRY & EXIT o   Traveller flows o   Signage o   Queues o   Processing times 10 October 2019 o   Traveller interaction o   Support & Supervision o   Physical space at both Entry and Exit side 10                          IDEMIA algorithms      o   Self Service Systems

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