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Royal Caribbean Cruise Ltd. Cruise solution FRONTEX ICBB2019 - IDEMIA Flagship solution: Sea Re-entry Program • An ocean going version of CBP’s Biometric Exit Program • Use of facial biometrics to verify that individuals (dis)embarking RCCL ships are the same ticketed passengers who boarded at the start of a cruise The latest facial capture technology MFACE to validate passenger’s identity for entry & re-entry of cruise ships & to further secure and expedite passenger processing at U.S. sea-ports of entry 10 October 2019 the success of the pilot resulted in the agreement to make the process operational, the first in the cruise line market space. The solution is now deployed in 3 sea-ports 21                          IDEMIA algorithms

Sea Re-entry program – IDEMIA, RCCL & CBP FRONTEX ICBB2019 - IDEMIA Key facts  35 MFACE across 3 sea-ports  High quality/high speed facial matching 1:N  Fast & simple feedback  Easy identification of a large population of passengers  Better manpower allocation: CBP staff are realigned to focus on more targeted enforcement activities  Total lane rate at maximum performance: 720 PAX/hour  Total passenger time (walkup, processing, 10 October 2019 walk out times): decreased from 16.24 to 5.35 seconds 22                           IDEMIA algorithms

IN SUMMARY FRONTEX ICBB2019 - IDEMIA  USER CENTRIC BIOMETRICS ARE KEY TO BORDER PROCESSES    Superior algorithms provide faster capture and enhanced matching    Intuitive use    Ergonomically correct designs    Faster processing    Secure borders Security             Facilitation 10 October 2019 23                                                                                        IDEMIA algorithms

Q&A FRONTEX ICBB2019 - IDEMIA Thank you for your attention, Lunch or questions? 10 October 2019 24

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