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The Challenge While the outcome of Brexit remains very much uncertain, deal or no deal, there are some pointers as to how the Channel could look if the UK leaves the bloc without a deal. English Channel has also massive implications for Ireland as well. 80 percent of Ireland's road freight to the rest of the EU goes through Britain and on to continental Europe from there, via the Channel. After Brexit, Irish still using this route could potentially have to cross the border 4 times. Keeping that in mind, this really is Brexit's other border. Regarding coaches, they are around 150 everyday taking the Channel (with exception of pick points). So roughly 6 000 travelers a day. Delays for each coach is not an option, and checking around 40 people by bus, could be long without process automation (eGate),

Simulated impact of queues at Dover dues to custom checks The research, led by Dr Ke Han, found the current vehicle check time is about two minutes, which can lead to queues of almost 10 miles during peak times, between 16:00 and 19:00. Queues on the M20 and A20 between Maidstone and Dover would reach 29.3 miles if checks took an average of four minutes, they found.

Objectives • Aiming for frictionless border with Europe after Brexit • Enhance process automation (eGate) for Coaches and pedestrians to increase fluidity • Biometrics capabilities to improve rapidity and security • New facilities and services to offer better comfort and seamless experience to the traveler • Regardless of the direction of travel, all border control checks are completed before boarding the shuttle. Therefore, on arrival, the coach can proceed directly from the shuttle and onto the autoroute or motorway network without further delay. Source: GETLINK

ABC Gates for coaches Process • Border control checks are completed before boarding the shuttle • Coaches have dedicated lanes and dedicated border force booth • Passengers are requested to leave the coaches     United Kingdom Folkestone for identity verification through ABC Gates or manual checks for complex situation • After ID and luggage check, travelers return to Migration system coaches • Coaches can proceed directly from the shuttle and onto the autoroute or motorway network without further delay Source: GETLINK

Fast ABC Gates for coaches Efficient • Proven technology • Fast, robust, efficient • Easily adopted by travelers Multi-Biometric matching • Face recognition (easily upgradable for Fingerprint and Iris) • Ready for next generation passenger processing and seamless border Connected with border control systems • Supervised by local border force • Connection with state member database …. and European IT systems & services Source: GETLINK

Benefits • First European land border with process automation: ABC Gates • Channel Tunnel passenger volume similar to an airport with a size of 11M PAX/year • Eurotunnel site area : 660 hectares (equivalent to Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport) • Eurotunnel is the largest employer in the Haut de France region • Improves service to passengers in the context of enhanced checks (Brexit) • Reduce delays and queues thanks to IN Groupe patented biometric technology and ABC gate co- designed by IN Groupe & Gunnebo • Quick project deployment and high quality maintenance (IN Groupe strongly involved in governments border projects)

Go live in March   th 29 , 2019

Futures challenges … trucks and vehicles (car, bikes, …)

New implementations to come for Trucks ….

…. And for cars, bikes, pedestrians

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