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GRAND POWER company was founded in Slovakia in 2002. We are proudly building on long tradition    of     Czechoslovak firearms, utilizing our own and unique         designs        and construction solutions, using state of the art technologies and materials, employing skilful and passionate workers who live by our motto “Passion for precision.”

Through hard work and high standards, our company achieved worldwide recognition with our core model – the K100 – most universal model of our product range, along with our flagship piece – The X-calibur – top notch race gun. During short time since the beginning of its production, the X-calibur brought us countless medals at many IPSC and other discipline matches and continues to be an inseparable part of success for many sport shooters all over the world.

To cover the needs of our valued customers and wide variety of their needs and wishes, our product range now consists of more than 30 models of pistols in all major calibers from less lethal ammunition, through rimfire to centrefire cartridges, including cult 10mm AUTO. GRAND POWER is amongst most successful Slovak exporters, with abroad sales reaching 99% of its production, mostly on markets of USA, Russia and EU countries.

GRAND POWER pistols are modern and very high-quality pistols. Their exceptionality rests in unique locking mechanism, conducted via barrel rotation on (also) rotational cross pin. This solution is hugely different from other rotational barrel systems on the market and provides superior reliability, significantly reduced recoil and muzzle flip and improves accuracy and overall shooting comfort. Same level of comfort is provided for both left and right-handed shooters, due to fully ambidextrous controls right from the factory, without any need of additional modifications to the gun and is increased by four exchangeable grip backstraps to accommodate any hand.

Our pistols incorporate steel frame inside of a durable, exceptionally strong polyamide grip. Steel frame as well as slide are manufactured solely by milling and drilling from single piece of high-quality CrMoV steel, heat threated to achieve the best results possible. No cast frame, only honest steel. Our barrels are made at our factory utilizing accurate baton rifling method and . Minimum tolerances on key dimensions result in superb accuracy, combined with sufficient space for all moving parts for reliability make for robust and reliable guns with excellent accuracy. All surfaces are treated by QPQ – Tenifer technology (up to 750 HV) to grand exceptional resistance to corrosion as well as wear and tear during years of hard use.

MARKETS We are currently exporting our products to 60 countries world wide including customers from Military and Law enforcement fields. l

Our handguns are well accepted world-wide, especially by US and European markets.

State of the art technologies and top notch materials are utilized in order to provide the best quality possible, yet maintaning competitive prices. l

PRODUCTS GRAND POWER s.r.o. offers wide variety of products, ranging from pistols to heavy machine guns, including unique STRIBOG line of products that also reaches from exteremely compact sub machine guns to long barreled rifles. l

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