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K100, our core model, with SA/DA trigger mechanism and rotational barrel is a result of     incorporating    the     most    strict requirements imposed on universal guns with ergonomics suitable for shooters of practical disciplines as well as for special units of LE/military forces. Dust cover is fitted with universal tactical accessory rail. Mk12 frame offers four interchangeable backstraps.

One of GRAND POWER K100 pistols, serial number B000776 was randomly picked for durability testing, conducted on public shooting range in Zvolen, Slovakia. The pistol was available for range visitors for testing with wide range of ammunition. Impressive result of 112 470 rounds without any major failures was achieved, with no change to bore geometry or accuracy. K100= hundred thousand shots!

P1 is compact version of the K100, offering the same reliability, ergonomics and benefits of rotational barrel design in shorter package, more suitable for every day carry. P1 also maintains the same Mk12 grip and 15+1 magazine capacity as the K100 and offers similar shooting experience and accuracy. Despite its shorter size, the P1 can compete with much larger pistols with ease.

The Q100 brings striker fire to GRAND POWER production line. Bearing all advantages of our famous K100 service pistols, the Q100 offers the same rotational barrel reducing perceived recoil and muzzle flip, provides fully ambidextrous controls, Mk 12 frame with four interchangeable backstraps, 15+1 magazine capacity, tools free field strip and adds up flat profile trigger with smooth and consistent trigger pull for accurate, repeatable shots. In addition to safety mechanisms known from K100, trigger safety is present on striker fire pistols to ensure safe operation.

The Q1, compact version of the Q100, shares many of benefits of its bigger brother in shorter, easy to conceal and carry form. Fully ambidextrous controls, four interchangeable backstraps as well as 15+1 magazine capacity are maintained, while difference in accuracy and overall performance of the pistols is virtually negligible.

LESS LETHAL GUNS Pistol GRAND POWER T12 / T11, caliber 10x28 Rubber and T910 chambered in 9PA Rubber are pistols of „less lethal“ category utilizing rubber bullet ammunition. The appearance is identical to our compact model P1. T12 is a future of self defence and riot control, perfectly suitable for first contact police forces, local police, private security, such as airport police, railway police and riot control units. Pistol uses direct blowback operation and SA/DA trigger system. Muzzle velocity reaches 500 m/s and 12 mm diameter rubber ball has lethal impact for short distance up to 5 metres. Bullet´s velocity decreasing rapidly what minimizes risk of injuries to bystanders. T12 belongs to category of ”less lethal” weapons and is gaining popularity all over the world.


STRIBOG AP9A3S is a select fire submachine gun from worldwide renowned STRIBOG family of products. Chambered in 9x19 NATO, this weapon offers semi automatic as well as full automatic modes, operated by positive ambidextrous selector which also serves as safety lever. AP9A3S is operated via delayed blowback, which provides excellent accuracy and controlability even in fully automatic mode. Two choices of buttstocks are available - folding and collapsible, both can be locked in open and closed positions. As all STRIBOG firearms, AP9A3S posseses fully ambidextrous controls and wide range of accessory mounting interfaces, namely dual M-LOK slots on the sides of the uper receiver as well as picatinny rails allowing for attachment of red dot sights, backup flip-up sights, lasers, lights, vertical grips etc. Weapons are equipped with integral back up sights as standard. For magazine options, 10, 20 and 30 rounds capacity proprietary magazines are available. Detachable suppressors are available.

All STRIBOGS models are available in TRAINING configuration, chambered in 9mm FoF caliber. 9mm FoF marking rounds provide excellent ballistics, accuracy and strong recoil, while minimizing fouling, is safe for indoor operations, produces no gas or smell and leaves clearly visible, high contrast marks that are easy to clean and machine washable. Non-marking and blank firing cartridges are also available for various training scenarios. Besides distinct light blue color of the upper receiver, all the features of our renowned STRIBOG were maintained, all the controls are in the same position, shape and size. All materials used are identical to “live” ammunition STRIBOGs, so weight and balance is maintained. TRAINING STRIBOGs can be purchased as dedicated training weapon, or as interchangeable upper receiver with barrel assembly that is easy to swap on your 9mm lower. Semi-automatic as well as select fire versions are available.

MILITARY PRODUCTS FULLY AUTOMATIC PISTOLS Model K105, 9x19 is fully automatic submachine type SA/DA pistol. Safety is integrated with the firing mode selector, operator can switch between safe to semi-automatic and fully automatic modes. SOUND SUPPRESSED - SILENCER GUNS Whisper models are equipped with suppressor / silencer for specialized operations. .

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