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Dieses Dokument ist Teil der Anfrage „SIRs since July 2019

. It seems fair to presume the welcome procedure related to the overall situation and linked to the impression on the receiving end about FRONTEX/Germany/ABHH (quote!) "producing numbers at all costs" (some of the Returnees have been presented to Hamburg airport by ABHH Medical Doctor provided missing prescribed drugs out of his stock and triggered an emergency delivery of insulin from a pharmacy. The Medical Doctor worked hard to obtain information from the family doctors of the disabled and sick Returnees since 3 medical cases have been envisaged only but 8 presented in reality. etc.), conjugated with massive time delay, improvised passenger list finished upon boarding in Hamburg (3 Returnees already checked in were sent outside again due to sudden discovery of a different situation b/c ticket already booked by ABHH for next week, successful urgent court appeal of pending case, plane full), tensioned climate around all Returnees, resulting in a challenging situation mentally and organizationally for the entire personnel resulting out of the preparation level and conduct of ABHH, putting the entire handover at risk or at least the acceptance of individual Ghanaian nationals and led to a humiliating situation for the Monitor from FRONTEX Pool for OMS Germany at RO-01202