Microsoft Word - 10299_2020_Redacted

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Serious incident report no. 10299/2020 Report date and time (UTC)            2020-01-28 14:17 Reporting person                      Text Removed – Personal Data Last modification date and time (UTC) 2020-12-25 12:15 Last modification done by             Text Removed – Personal Data SIR Status                            Closed 2 - Incidents occurring in Frontex activities/joint operations, return operations and other return-related activities and not FSC SIR Category related to Frontex staff, or other participants in Frontex activities Type of SIR                           2 Formal SIR Subject                               Warning shots at Hungarian - Serbian border Joint operation JORA incident number Original source of information        Text Removed – Reporting Tools Frontex SIR Coordinator Frontex resources involved            No Incident dates (UTC)                  2020-01-28 04:30 Detection date (UTC)                  2020-01-28 04:32 Location of the incident Latitude                              46.1758333333 Longitude                             19.9841666667 Reference to the operational area     No Type of resources / involvement Dead persons Injured persons Missing persons Details Please note that the BCP mentioned is not part of the JO FP Fact of the case Land. Text Removed – Reporting Tools.
On 28.01.2020 at 05:30 hrs. in an area of the Serbian-Hungarian border crossing Text Removed – Sensitive Operational Information, approximately 60 irregular migrants attempted to enter illegally to HUN territory. The irregular migrants damaged the temporary border fence then they ran inside the BCP area. At the BCP a HUN security guard gave 3 warning shots in the air. The majority of the group returned to SRB area and few irregular migrants ran into HUN depth. All the patrols were sent in the area, to start search after the Measures      irregular migrants. The case is still under investigation according HUN legal procedures. Being dark and without previous notice from SRB authorities, the huge amount of people in a confined area, after damaging the fence and running towards the HUN security guards with no Assessment clear intentions, leads the Security Guard to perform the three warning shots, as a result nobody was injured nor any further consequences have been reported. As a consequence of the incident reported on 28.01.2020, HUN Police arrested 5 irregular migrants. Text Removed – Reporting Final outcome Tools. The Temporary Border Fence Text Removed – Reporting Tools is being reinforced and there are additional patrols Text Removed – Reporting Tools.