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The EU border police Frontex is one of the most notoriusly secretive EU agencies. Here, we are publishing thousands of documents we and collaborators have gathered from Frontex through freedom of information requests.

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If you are interested in journalistic work, research, litigation or activism around the EU border police Frontex, we have something for you. In our new Public Database of Frontex Documents, we have compiled more than 4,000 documents concerning the EU agency that are free to use for everyone. They include:

  • The most complete set of Serious Incident Reports to date
  • Documents from most joint operations in Frontex’ history
  • Material from the Fundamental Rights Office from the last 5 years
  • A comprehensive list of documents by the Consultative Forum
  • As well as many documents around Frontex’ cooperations with EU and other states

This document collection is the result of a collective FOI effort. A large trove of the documents stems from the journalist Emmanuel Freudenthal; additional documents have been provided by the researcher Lena Karamanidou. These contributions, along with the documents obtained by the FragDenStaat team, make this database one of the most comprehensive public collections of Frontex documents available. Thank you!

Additional documents can be found in Statewatch’s „Oberservatory on Frontex“, as well as in Frontex’ own „Public Register of Documents“ that the agency had to create after years of public criticism and official complaints.

Explore the Public Database of Frontex Documents here

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