You have information to share with us?

Here’s how you can contact our investigative team

You want to send us confidential information? Maybe you want to do that in a secure way without giving away your name? For us, the protection of our sources is a top priority.

In some cases, telephone or e-mail may not be secure enough for you to contact us. Before contacting us, please read the following advice on the advantages and disadvantages of different methods of contact.

As a general rule, never send e-mails from the office and from your office e-mail address or other electronic messages from devices to which others have access besides you – for example, because the devices belong to your employer. In particularly sensitive cases, also don't use your phone, be it mobile or landline, or your private email account.

Our own platform

We have our own secure platform where you can share information with us securely and anonymously. To access it, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Download and install the Tor browser from the website This browser disguises your IP address when you access the platform.
  2. Using the Tor browser, go to the address
    you can only access the platform via Tor. Don’t visit the site with another browser.
  3. On the platform, you can share information and files. If you want a response from our team, you can get a secret file number and access the case afterwards without having to give contact details.


You can send e-mails to our reporters Vera, Aiko, Luisa and Arne. To make it more secure, please use PGP encrypted e-mails. You can find our contact details and PGP keys on our team page.

Postal mail

You can send us information by postal mail as well. Here’s our address:

Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland e.V.
Singerstraße 109
10179 Berlin