Accessibility & Responsibility

FragDenStaat is committed to an open, democratic, informed and just society. As a platform and as an organization, we want to do our best to meet our social responsibility. 

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It is important to us to create a barrier-free website and continuously work on further improving its accessibility.

We follow the current standards on accessibility when designing the website. Navigation is also largely possible via keyboard and we pay attention to alt texts for images (for screen readers) and subtitles for videos. Unfortunately, not all of our content is accessible. This applies especially to documents from public authorities, which are only available as (poorly readable) scans and do not allow automatic text recognition. We are sorry for this and are committed to ensuring that public authorities also send information by mail and in open formats.

You can complain to the Federal Government Commissioner for Matters relating to Persons with Disabilities if you find that an public authority is not complying with accessibility requirements. In this, we’re happy to provide support!

For comments, feedback and suggestions regarding accessibility on FragDenStaat, please use the form below!


The way we speak and how we write shapes our thinking and our society. At FragDenStaat, we want to contribute to a more diverse, open and just reality. That's why we make sure to use gender-inclusive language in all of our communications. This includes all our channels, such as our blog, our platform, our social media channels or the newsletter.
The way gender-inclusive language is used on our platform depends on the authors’ preference, there is no standardization.

Social issues

Freedom of information is a social justice issue. Information enables participation for people from groups that do not have special access to politics and administration.

Our platform as well as our articles and investigative research are made available free of charge. If our users have to pay fees in order to receive the requested information, they can make use of our crowdfunding function. Access to information should not be dependent on someone’s earnings.

All software for is open source and can be found on GitHub, which means that it is freely available to the public.


We also want to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. For this reason, we use bikes and public transport and, of course, refrain from any domestic flights.

    The accounts of the entire Open Knowledge Foundation are held at the ethical-ecological GLS Bank and our server runs exclusively on electricity from renewable sources.

As a digital project, we have very few print jobs for print materials. And we are also working to get more and more public authorities to stop sending us paper and instead provide documents electronically.

Contact and Feedback

We appreciate hints, tips and feedback! Please use our anonymous form or simply write to

For example a private email address