We fight for freedom of information!

FragDenStaat is the central contact for all questions relating to freedom of information in Germany.
We publish information that was previously kept away from the public. Whether it's a lobbyist e-mail, an environmental report, minutes or a calendar entry, FragDenStaat helps to make it public with the help of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

The project consists of four pillars: the platform, campaigns, strategic lawsuits and our own investigative research. We work in close collaboration with  journalists, activists, NGOs and initiatives.

The platform

Our platform can be used by anyone to request documents from authorities. When formulating requests and communicating with authorities, help and support is provided. 


Together with partner organisations we initiate our own campaigns in order to expose shortfalls and achieve changes through public pressure.


We are working on a variety of subjects, request sensitive documents and publish investigative journalistic research.


In case of authorities’ refusal to comply with requests, we respond with legal action. In this way, we strengthen freedom of information and reveal areas of the administration that would otherwise remain in the dark.


We reveal authorities’ body of knowledge 

100,000 people already used FragDenStaat to access information by formulating over 230,000 freedom of information requests. In this way, many valuable documents that would otherwise remain hidden have been brought to the surface.

We are convinced that a strong democracy needs an informed and active civil society which speaks at eye level with politics and administration. It should be socially established as well as taken for granted that official information can be easily obtained and used. We are sure that only in this way government action can be monitored effectively.

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Our campaigns help bring about progress

Whether it's about lacking transparency in hygiene reports or the EU’s legislative work behind closed doors: together with you, we bring change to official offices.

We show the administration in which documents citizens are interested in and which documents should be already made available online. Citizens can request administrative documents in the simplest way possible through our campaigns. This results in motivating authorities to adopt a better, more transparent administrative practice due to the large number of requests.

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We uncover secret information

In our blog, we write about political and social shortfalls. We always make our sources public - you can take a look on what we base our investigative research.

Often, explosive information can be found in official documents. Situation reports, bills, lobby meetings - these are rarely made public. With the help of the Freedom of Information Act we request documents and report about the underlying topics.

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We use lawsuits to assert the right to information against stonewalling authorities.

With more than 100 lawsuits, we have raised new legal issues and won rulings that pave the way for greater transparency.

Authorities do not always comply with the applicable laws. If requests are delayed or wrongly refused, we demand the information in going to the courts. In this way, we strengthen the rights to information in Germany and in Europe.

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The team behind FragDenStaat consists of lawyers, journalists and developers. We also receive great support from dedicated volunteers.

Jobs & Participation

You can find our current vacancies and opportunities to get involved here.


Learn how FragDenStaat is funded as a non-profit project and browse through our annual reports.

Accessibility & Responsibility

Statement on accessibility and our social responsibility. 


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