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Our Campaigns & Activities

With our campaigns and other actions we draw attention to transparency deficiencies that concern all of us!

Whether it's hygiene reports from restaurants, former high-school exams or the progress of the government's coalition agreement: countless documents and thus, hidden knowledge is kept away from the public eye, despite great general interest. In order to free them, we are launching campaigns and actions together with our partners from the civil society. 

The Latest (in German)


Coalition Agreement Tracker

With our coalition tracker, you can follow the government work of the traffic light coalition live: Which projects are being implemented? Which plans are being halted? What's happening in the specific areas?

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since 2019

Pot Secret

With our platform "Pot Secret" consumers can easily obtain the results of food safety inspections in restaurants, bakeries, supermarkets and other food-processing businesses. Together with our partners at foodwatch, we created a platform that enables all people to quickly and easily access the reports.


DIY Lobby register

Who is meeting with whom? Help us to create a real lobby register for the federal government. Request the meetings of 100 large companies and associations with federal ministries!

since 2021

Climate Helpdesk

Knowledge and reliable information are indispensable to advocate for consistent climate protection and climate justice. The climate helpdesk of FragDenStaat supports activists and organisations of the climate and environmental movement to free information from authorities free of charge.

since 2021

Classified Exams

Assignments and results of past final exams must be openly accessible. You can request exam papers and help to abolish the exam copyright. It is the follow-up campaign to FragSieAbi.


Black Box EU

Transparent trilogues instead of secret laws! EU policy is not decided in the Parliament or in the Commission, but is in informal, non-transparent meetings - the so-called trilogues.Citizens and civil society only find out about a proposed law when the EU has already reached an agreement. This makes democratic accountability and critical reporting virtually impossible. The secrecy around lawmaking has to end now!

All Campaigns and Activities (in German)



Prior to elections, we prepared a series of questions in order to find out how the parties in Germany position themselves when it comes to freedom of information.

since 2020

“Mission Fleisch”

Citizens can now request results of food safety inspections of all meat and sausage producers on "Topf Secret - Mission Fleisch". On the basis of each meat and sausage packaging the associated company can be found. The food authorities are obliged to provide the information.


Prevent Speculation!

Instead of exercising their right of first refusal, Berlin municipalities prefer to enter into aversion agreements with private buyers. What is written in the agreements, however, is secret - tenants are deprived of the possibility of control and participation.



Especially in public buildings, a lot of energy is wasted due to poor insulation. Whether it's a town hall, school, hospital or tax office - request an energy performance certificate for public buildings in your municipality. The waste of energy and taxpayers' money must not be a state secret!



Germany is giving billions in aid to companies in the wake of the Corona crisis. So far, there are hardly any conditions for the assistance. Corporations that avoid taxes through their international corporate structures or act against the Paris climate goals through climate-damaging activities can now receive aid from the state. We ensure transparency.



The Hohenzollern Prince George Frederick of Prussia is taking action against undesirable reporting with warnings and lawsuits. For those researchers and journalists who are affected, there is our support fund.



„Copyright censorship“: We published a governmental study about the cancer risk of Glyphosate and the government forced us to delete it because of copyright – until we encouraged 45.000 people to request the same study.

2018 and 2020


The 16 federal states compete against each other in a knockout system. We send an identical request under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to all of them. Whoever answers first moves on to the next round. Who will be the FOI champion?


“Gläserne Gesetze”

"Transparent Laws": Lobby associations influence legislation with opinions. Thanks to the "Gläserne Gesetze" campaign, these opinions are now permanently public.

since 2016

Limited Art Editions

Every year on the Access to Information Day on September 28, we present our new limited art editions. By making an annual donation of 250 euros, you will receive them as a thank you gift. You can find details here



German job centres monitor their clients, but are themselves particularly intransparent. Thanks to FragDasJobcenter, two thirds of all job centres now publish their internal directives on topics such as sanctions and housing benefits.



Members of the Bundestag commission expert reports on political issues from the Research and Documentation Service. Thanks to the "FragDenBundestag" campaign, these reports are now publicly available.

Our Successes

Many of our campaigns have initiated real improvements. "Pot Secret", for example, led to numerous legislative initiatives; since "Gläserne Gesetze" (Transparent Laws), the federal government has published draft laws and lobby statements. Furthermore, with "FragDenBundestag", the German Bundestag made thousands of expert opinions of the Research and Documentation Service accessible.

Cooperation and Contact

Working together generates the most attention. That's why we collaborate with partners on our campaigns. If you are interested in campaigning with FragDenStaat, then get in touch with us!

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