FragDenStaat is a project of the non-profit Open Knowledge Foundation Germany e.V. We are mainly financed by donations from individuals. Here you can find an overview of our income and expenses of the last year.

Expenses 2021

Personnel costs

366,024 €

Appeals and fees

3,957 €


65,726 €

Training and Coaching

5,081 €

Material and Equipment

12,806 €

Projects, freelance employees

87,565 €

Travel expenses and meals

3,991 €

Administrative costs 

8,483 €


553,632 €

Income 2021


371,957 €


318,902 €

including over 30,000 Euros:


90,000 €

European Climate Foundation

72,996 €

Schöpflin Stiftung

70,000 €


3,939 €

Other Income

3,400 €


697,861 €


Our quarterly transparency reports present an overall view of the current status of our funding as well as the current issues we are working on. You can find them in our blog.

Read our quarterly reports

Annual Report of 2021

Annual Report of 2020

Annual Report of 2019

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