Content & Netiquette

It is important to us that we maintain a respectful and polite standard on FragDenStaat and therefore reject any distribution of content that violates our terms of use.

Permissible contents

The goal of our work is to make it a commonplace to have access to official information and to be able to use it. We therefore see our platform a spart of the democratic structure, which we aim to make available to as many people as possible.

Unfortunately, FragDenStaat is sometimes used improperly, as requests cannot be pre-checked before they are posted on our website.

These include requests that do not fall within the scope of freedom of information. But we also see requests in which, for example, anti-democratic stances or conspiracy beliefs concerning the corona pandemic are spread. We do not want to give such content any reach and reserve the right to remove them from our platform - in accordance with our terms of use.

On FragDenStaat we do not accept any unlawful, criminal, abusive content or false or misleading statements. This includes in particular any content that is right-wing extremist, racist, anti-Semitic, homophobic, misogynistic and/or discriminatory in any other way.

Besides running the platform, the FragDenStaat team also works on its own subjects via campaigning, investigations and lawsuits. In these, we set priorities and always position ourselves. You can read about the topics we are focusing on in our blog.

Our Netiquette

Data protection is important! Email attachments are therefore redacted in accordance with the requirements for the protection of personal data. Please also take into account that the postal address of the Open Knowledge Foundation Germany may not be used as sender.  

Please note our three rules for interaction on the platform:


Communication with authorities and other users is level-headed, respectful, clear and factual.


Spamming requests, making a large number of mediation requests, and harassing requests (without a serious purpose or intended to disrupt a facility) are to be refrained from.


Pseudonyms are allowed, imitation of a real person is prohibited.


We have a team of both full-time and volunteer moderators who keep an eye on reported requests and posts on FragDenStaat. In addition, we receive help from our attentive community, which regularly points out such content to us.

In case that we notice that you publish unlawful and/or abusive content on FragDenStaat and/or violate the Netiquette, requests can be depublished and removed from the search index. In case of repeated or severe violations, we reserve the right to block user accounts.

Failure to comply may additionally result in legal action being taken against you by affected authorities or an aggrieved party. If you have any questions, comments or problems, please contact