Instead of sending me a message, Frontex is sending me login codes to access a Frontex portal. What should I do?

Using its own portal for requests is one of Frontex’ many ways to make it harder for people to request documents from them. After our complaint to the Ombudsman, Frontex accepted requests from FragDenStaat. However, answers will still be provided over their platform.

After you submit your request through FragDenStaat, you will get an answer by Frontex’ Transparency office with a token and case number to the mail address you submitted the request with. You can use these to access their portal which, unfortunately, is neither straightforward nor user-friendly.

You can copy the answer from Frontex’ platform back to FragDenStaat and upload it there for everyone to see. We strongly recommend to answer to Frontex using FragDenStaat. If you use Frontex’ platform, the agency has the sole power over the information - and can even delete everything if they choose to. In case there are problems, please contact us.