New: FragDenStaat Fellowship Apply now and start your research project!

We give people from journalism, civil society and academia the opportunity to embark on research based on information rights: 12 months, 2,500 euros and intensive support. We look forward to your proposals!


You haven't had the time to do in-depth research on the basis of information rights? Or have you always wanted to work with information rights, but need support? Then our FragDenStaat Fellowship is the opportunity to start your research project.

Apply by 14 May 2023 with your research idea that you want to pursue on the basis of information rights (press law, Freedom of Information requests, public register searches…). We give you 12 months, 2,500 euros and our concentrated expertise. Depending on the success or failure of your enquiries, we will also be happy to provide you with legal support and take you to court. For the publication of your research, we can put you in contact with other journalists, NGOs and media outlets.

Whether you come from a journalistic background, do research in the context of your activism and campaigning, or conduct academic research - we look forward to receiving your application and the issues that interest you.

Further details can be found at and in the FragDenStaat Fellowship Guidelines.

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