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International Centre for
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Travel / Meeting Report




Senior BMS Advisor

egional BMS Specialist

Online meeting, 24 January 2022

Discussion about respective activities Bundespolizei-ICMPD with MNG Tunisia

Name of Traveller(s)/
ICMPD staff
Location and Date

Purpose of Travel / Meeting

Persons met / List of participants

German Federal | Head of Maritime Police District, Rostock
Police Head of maritime sub-project (Nr 4) of BPOL’s
(Bundespolizei) cooperation programme with Tunisia’s Mol






Key issues/Highlights/Opportunities/Problems
e Discussion arranged after MNG/EUDEL Tunis preliminary demand regarding needed diagnosis of the
Maritime National Guard’s fleet.

e BMS gave a rapid overall description of ICMPD support implemented through EU- & Swiss funded IBM
Tunisia 1° phase and EU-funded BMP Maghreb to the Maritime National Guard and present state-of-play.
Colleague was encouraged to get in contact and exchange with Tunis PjT of BMP Maghreb, involving

Head of Tunis BPOL office);

e In the framework of their cooperation programme, the German Federal Police has been implementing
numerous activities of support to the Tunisian MNG for several years [so as Italian Mol, the UK Royal
Marines, etc. - see information provided through G7+7 mechanism/WG for border security]. In the
framework of the maritime sub-project of Bundespolizei, counterparts are supporting the MNG in
domains of direct and indirect interests to ICMPD’s intervention:

o In 2020, German colleagues visited most of the assets composing the MNG fleet; this provided
them with quite good overview of the state-of-play of the vessels at disposal of the MNG and the
challenges resulting from operating a large number of models of boats that do not necessarily fit
the missions to be achieved. Several are even obsolete (former GDR boats). There would be room
for further explore which assets would correspond best operating environment and MNG’s actual
capacities too.

o This shed further light on the limited capacities in maintaining and repairing the current fleet
linked to:
"= Limited infrastructure and equipment for operating in adequate conditions repair and
maintenance tasks;
= Limited access to spare parts in Tunisia (that leads to necessary cannibalising among naval
units of same models);
" Limited skills and availability of technicians (trained ones leaving the NG) that demand

repeated trainings;

"= Unequal maintenance of vessels by crew members.

o BPOL support to MNG covered/covers:
"= [MNG Fleet:

Provision of 12 fast rib boats and thereto-related trainings for piloting

Support in modernising MNG warehouses and maintenance workshops, in
Monastir, in SFax (this one completed) and possibly one planned in the South

Support in training mechanics and chief engineers for maintenance and repair of
vessels and engines (like MTU for 35 m patrol vessels provided by Italy)

MNG asked for 87 Yamaha off-board engines (300 cv) as many are (already) out-

Would be useful for MNG to actually establish some strategic plans in regard to
the use of the fleet, reducing / optimising use of assets, rationalising missions
according to reduced number of types of boats, etc.

"= Improvement of living conditions for some brigades:

Provided living containers for some crews who must be ready for operation 24/7;

= Support to Monastir’s MNG School:

Support for improving living conditions in the Maritime National Guard’s school
of Monastir, in parallel to other counterparts (IT, UK, FR,...)

Plan to continue further training notably to address prep-preparation phase and
also situational awareness for the staff members. UK Royal Marines had provided
some support to the MNG for the elaboration of a full BS1 level curriculum for
the MNG crew members; both BPOL and BMS agreed it would be good to know
what was eventually achieved in that regard not to duplicate.

Need to support integration / adaptation of provided trainings into national
curricula.. Commanding officers are generally well prepared as well as non-
commissioned officers; big need to support agents too to transform them into

o BPOL also involved in SAR-connected trainings (more for assistance to irregular migrants at sea).


e BMS/ICMPD will further inquire with other counterparts;

e Update each other on regular basis and possibly implement some assessments jointly as topics are


Follow-up actions




Action Responsible Deadline

Organise joint meeting with counterparts on fleet assessment, MNG FO Tunis After task above

school with DE, IT, UK, EU - coordination involving BMS

Depending on outcome, draft ToR for fleet assessment-related mission BMP Maghreb | After task above
with BMS


25 January 2022