Information Technologies Institute (ITI) Centre for Research and Technology Hells (CERTH) Autonomous Swarm of Heterogeneous Robots for Border Surveillance This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 740593
Overview  General information  ROBORDER Consortium  Problem statement  Concept and Vision  Innovation Objectives & Activities  Work Packages and Milestones  Status per Work packages and Advancements  Use Case Scenarios and Demonstration  Expected impact and results  Exploitation & Dissemination Page  2                    Frontex Workshop – 26/06/2019
General Information  Project Coordinator: Centre of Research and Technology, Hellas  Start date: 01/05/2017  Duration: 36 Months (46 Months extension approved)  Topic: SEC-20-BES-2016-Border security: autonomous systems and control systems  Type of Action: Innovation Action (IA)  Total cost: 8.997.781,50 €  Consortium: 25 partners (4 private companies, 4 SMEs, 5 border authorities, 2 LEAs, 2 security organizations, 1 port authority, 4 research centres and 3 academic institutions) Page  3                   Frontex Workshop – 26/06/2019
Consortium Centre for Research and                                                      Swiss center for electronics and Robotnik Automation SLL Technology Hellas                                                            microtechnology SA National interuniversity Romanian protection and guard Romanian border police                                                       consortium for service telecommunications Fraunhofer Institute for high frequency physics and radar              Elettronica GmbH                    Policia Judiciaria-Portugal techniques Estonian academy of security Hellenic Ministry of defense        CyberLens Limited sciences Centre of excellence in VTT technical research centre terrorism, resilience, intelligence of Finland and organized crime research Everis Spain SLU Succursale              North Tyrrhenian Sea Port Belgique                                 System Authority(AdSP-MTS) Police service of Northern               Oceanscan-Marine systems & Ireland                                  technology Defence institute “Professor Portuguese national guard Tsvetan Lazarov” NATO STO organization centre for maritime research &                  Copting GmbH experimentation National and Kapodistrian Hungarian national police University of Athens Page  4                               Frontex Workshop – 26/06/2019
Problem statement  Border authorities face important challenges in patrolling and protecting the borders.  Low levels of situational awareness  Numerous and diverse aspects should be considered – Heterogeneity of threats – Wideness of the suveyed area – Adverse weather conditions – Wide range of terrains – Complex operational environments Page  5                    Frontex Workshop – 26/06/2019
Context & Vision  The overall framework for the Roborder project includes multiple domains – Border surveillance – Marine pollution detection – Situational awareness  Vision – Develop and demonstrate a fully-functional autonomous border surveillance system – Unmanned mobile robots equipped with multimodal sensors – Interoperable with existing infrastructure – Enhanced detection capabilities for early identification of criminal activities and marine pollution events Page  6                      Frontex Workshop – 26/06/2019
Objectives  Main objectives – Autonomous border surveillance system with unmanned mobile robots – Incorporate multimodal sensors as part of an interoperable network – Wide range of operational and environmental settings – Enhanced static networked sensors – Complete and situational awareness picture – Early identification of criminal activities and hazardous incidents  Innovation objectives – Adaptable sensing, robotics, and communication technologies – Tele-operation of autonomous agents through a 3D user interface and decision support Page  7                     Frontex Workshop – 26/06/2019
ROBORDER Architecture Page  8       Frontex Workshop – 26/06/2019
Overall structure  Package list – WP1: User requirements and pilot use cases – WP2: Sensing, robotics and communication technologies – WP3: Detection and identification of border-related threats – WP4: Command and control unit functionalities – WP5: Integration of Roborder platform for the remote assessment of border threats – WP6: Demonstrations and evaluation – WP7: Dissemination and exploitation – WP8: Project management  Milestone List – MS1: Project setup and platform development roadmap – MS2: Operational prototype – MS3: 1 st prototype – MS4: 2 nd prototype – MS5: Final system Page  9                          Frontex Workshop – 26/06/2019
Operational timeline Page  10          Frontex Workshop – 26/06/2019
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