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09 December 2019 Industry Dialogue Procurement of handguns, ammunition and holsters for the standing corps of the European Border and Coast Guard 1. Background information In line with the recently revised Frontex mandate, while performing their tasks and exercising their powers, members of the Frontex standing corps may be allowed to carry service weapons (handguns), ammunition and equipment provided it is authorized by the host Member State and in accordance with the national law. Service handguns may only be used exceptionally and under clearly defined conditions. Handguns, ammunition and equipment may be used in legitimate self-defense and in legitimate defense of members of the teams or of other persons in accordance with the national law of the host Member State. Strong safeguards apply for all members of the standing corps, with seconded and deployed staff bound by the legislation of their home Member State and Agency staff falling under the Agency's Code of Conduct in full respect of EU law and fundamental rights. Similar arrangements are already in place for the deployment of national border guards to another Member State. The new rules will extend these arrangements to all members of the standing corps including Agency staff. This extension is needed to ensure the utility of all members of the standing corps in order to be able to carry out the normal functions expected of a border guard. The technical specifications for the upcoming procurement are being defined based on the experience of EU experts, EU and international trends and experience, and to be in line with the below high level requirements: • Reliability; • Accuracy; • Safety; • 24/7, all weather operation; • Functionality; • Long service time (lifetime); At the time of the publication of the tender (tentatively January 2020) all necessary documentation will be available      electronically      via      the      TED      website        and frontex/procurement/open-restricted-tender-procedures/ General questions related to                 Frontex    procurement         procedures      shall    be     addressed     to: Frontex - European Border and Coast Guard Agency | Pl. Europejski 6, 00-844 Warsaw, Poland | Tel. +48 22 205 95 00 | Fax +48 22 205 95 01

2. Purpose of the meeting The recently revised Frontex mandate foresees the establishment of a standing corps that will be at the core of the operational response activities of the Agency. As a matter of priority, Frontex has to ensure that members of the standing corps are properly equipped and trained to be effectively deployed and operate in a unitary manner in the operational areas. Frontex border guards will wear uniforms, carry a service weapon (handgun) and will have executive powers. This means that the officers will be required to perform tasks such as patrolling between border crossing points. Frontex is hosting this 2-day Industry Dialogue in order to: a) gain better knowledge of the handguns, ammunition and holsters markets; b) listen to prospective bidders’ concerns; c) if relevant, take the information gathered into consideration in order to improve the procurement documentation. During these two days, two separate dialogue sessions will be conducted: - 9 Dec - handguns; - 10 Dec – ammunition and holsters; During each of the above dialogue sessions, prospective bidders will be first presented with background information, general specifications and logistical / procedural requirements. All the information shared during the event will be made available in the Frontex website to ensure transparency and equal treatment of all possible bidders. Frontex presentations will be followed by discussions on recommendations, best practices and concerns from industry representatives. 3. Main topics and discussion points Here below is a set of main topics on which Frontex is interested in gathering information, from a general industry’s perspective, about recommendations, best practices and concerns, as well as information on the status of the market in relation to the mentioned procurement from both the technical and the procedural points of view. It is therefore recommended, during each of the Industries’ presentation as well as the Q&A Sessions of the meeting, to focus on discussing these topics. 1. Samples: Time to prepare and send samples for tender procedure (approx. 5 unit); 2. Delivery Time: Reasonable time from order till delivery in 2020 (approx. 1,000 units + initial spare parts kit); 3. Logistics: Possibility to deliver order to multiple locations in EU (approx. 100 units) 4. Manufacturing process: technical possibility to add the visual identity of our organization in some of the parts of the devices; 5. Procurement process: a. what is industry’s experience with public procurements involving deliveries in different European Member States; b. which criticalities were experienced in the past; c. what is recommend to be paid attention to in the ToR (i.e. technical specifications considered to be the most critical for reliability, accuracy, safety, 24/7 all-weather operation, functionality, long service time (lifetime)); d. what is recommended to be paid attention to in the different steps of the procurement process; Frontex - European Border and Coast Guard Agency | Pl. Europejski 6, 00-844 Warsaw, Poland | Tel. +48 22 205 95 00 | Fax +48 22 205 95 01

6. Warranty: Typical warranty provisions (what is covered, warranty period, etc.) 7. Spare Parts: a. availability of spare parts; b. typical delivery times/numbers; 8. Maintenance and repair services: a. short-term and long-term maintenance plans and parts involved; b. recommendations for an effective maintenance plan: what it should include; c. service conditions for the replacement of the main numbered parts (barrel, slide, frame); d. type of available maintenance and repair services and typical service conditions available on the market (shipment, return, service time, capability to perform service in batches); e. recommendations and best practices for on-site spare parts inventory and on-site maintenance tools (for armories for example); 9. Accessories: Recommendations and market availability of accessories; 10.Transportation: a. recommendations and market availability of tools for batch transportation (from single pieces to multiple pieces); b. possible issues with handguns and ammunitions delivered or transported across Europe. Experience with any particular limitations found in any Member States; 11.Other: any other specific recommendations, best practices or concerns deemed relevant for the purpose of this Dialogue. Frontex - European Border and Coast Guard Agency | Pl. Europejski 6, 00-844 Warsaw, Poland | Tel. +48 22 205 95 00 | Fax +48 22 205 95 01