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INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE SAFE ACTION PISTOL ® EN 11-19  WARNING! Read this manual carefully before loading or using your GLOCK pistol.  WARNING! Like most modern handguns your GLOCK pistol is designed without a conventional manual safety. Therefore you must consider it to be loaded and ready to fire until you have removed the magazine and visually and physically (with your finger) confirmed that the chamber is empty.

Firearms safety rules Read this manual and the warnings contained in it before loading or using your GLOCK pistol. This manual explains the function and the handling of your GLOCK pistol and warns of the potential dangers, including death and serious personal injury, that can result from the unsafe use of your GLOCK pistol. This manual should always accompany your GLOCK pistol and be transferred with your GLOCK pistol if it is sold or loaned to another person. We want you to enjoy shooting your GLOCK pistol, but we want you to enjoy it safely. Whether you are an experienced shooter or have never handled a firearm before, you must READ THIS ENTIRE MANUAL CAREFULLY before loading or firing your GLOCK pistol. This manual gives basic instructions on the proper handling and functioning of your GLOCK pistol. Your safety and the safety of others depends on you following the instructions and warnings in this manual and constant use of safe firearms practices. If you are unfamiliar with firearms, take a course in the safe handling of firearms run by a qualified firearms instructor, your local gun club, or a similar qualified organization. This manual contains several safety warnings and instructions preceded with  WARNING! ,  CAUTION! or NOTICE! .These signal words are designed to draw your attention to important safety information.  WARNING! indicates a hazardous situation which, if not avoided, could result in death or serious personal injury.  CAUTION! indicates a hazardous situation, which, if not avoided, could result in moderate or minor personal injury. NOTICE! addresses safety practices not related to personal injury. The higher level of preparedness required of law enforcement and military personnel may override several of the following safety instructions. To provide safety while operating at a higher level of preparedness, proper initial combat oriented training and a reasonable amount of periodic training which stresses safe tactical procedures is recommended.  WARNING! Failure to follow the safety information and safety instructions in this manual could result in death, serious personal injury and/or property damage.  WARNING! Always seek a doctor’s advice if you are taking medication to be sure that you are able to shoot and handle a firearm safely. Never drink alcoholic beverages or take drugs before or while shooting. Your vision and judgment could be seriously impaired, making your firearm handling unsafe. 2                                                              GLOCK INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE

 WARNING! If your GLOCK pistol or any other firearm is carelessly or improperly handled, you could cause a negligent discharge, which could result in death, serious personal injury and/or property damage.  WARNING! Always handle your GLOCK pistol as if it is loaded so that you never fire negligently.  WARNING! Never point your GLOCK pistol at anything you do not intend to shoot.  WARNING! Never pull the trigger or put your finger on the trigger or in the trigger guard until you have made the decision to fire.  WARNING! Never take anyone’s word that a firearm is unloaded; always check for yourself, with the firearm pointed in a safe direction and your finger off of the trigger and outside of the trigger guard.  WARNING! Always make sure your GLOCK pistol is unloaded and that the slide is locked open in the rearward position with the magazine taken out before handing it to another person.  WARNING! Never alter or modify your GLOCK pistol because this could cause it to malfunction and create a dangerous condition.  WARNING! Never carry your GLOCK pistol out of a suitable holster with a cartridge loaded in the chamber.  WARNING! To store your GLOCK pistol, first unload it as described in Chapter 8. Then, after checking to make sure that it is unloaded (magazine removed and chamber empty), place it in the included pistol case or another suitable locked container.  WARNING! Always store and transport your GLOCK pistol unloaded and locked in a suitable container, such as the included pistol case, out of the reach and sight of children or other unauthorized persons.  WARNING! Never store or transport ammunition in the same container as your GLOCK pistol. WWW.GLOCK.COM                                                                             3

 CAUTION! Most ammunition contains lead in the projectile and/or primer. Discharging firearms in poorly ventilated areas, cleaning firearms, or handling ammunition may result in exposure to lead and other substances known to cause birth defects, reproductive harm, and other serious physical injury. Have adequate ventilation at all times. Always wash hands thoroughly after exposure. Before it left the factory, your GLOCK pistol was tested, carefully inspected, and packaged. GLOCK, cannot control what happens to the pistol after it leaves the factory, therefore, carefully examine your GLOCK pistol when you acquire it to ensure that it is unloaded and undamaged. If you need another copy of this manual, do not understand any of the warnings and instructions in this manual, or if you have any problems operating your GLOCK pistol, contact the GLOCK entity for your region. CONTACT: GLOCK Ges.m.b.H.                           GLOCK Inc. Gaston Glock-Platz 1, 2232 Deutsch-Wagram, 6000 Highlands Parkway, Smyrna, GA 30082, Austria                                    U.S.A. Tel.: +43(0)2247 90 300-0                  Tel.: +1 770-432-1202 E-Mail:                     E-Mail: 4                                                                GLOCK INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE

Table of contents 06               I.    Main Features 09               II. GLOCK Pistol Set 10               III. Pistol Nomenclature 10               IV. Functioning of the Pistol 12               V. Loading 14               VI. Firing 17               VII. Clearing Malfunctions (Jams) 19               VIII. Unloading Procedures and Safety Check 21               IX. Field Stripping 25               X. Preventive Maintenance and Inspection 33               XI. Reassembly and Inspection 36               XII. Pistol Customizing 39               XV. Cable Lock (USA and Canada only) 40               XVI. Component Parts 41 		                  Exploded Drawing GLOCK 44 42 		                  Technical Data 44 		                  Youth Handgun Safety Act Notice 47 		                  State Required Safety Warnings Note: The part numbers referenced in parenthesis throughout this manual correspond to the list of component parts and exploded drawing on pages 40-41. WWW.GLOCK.COM                                                                       5

I. Main features The GLOCK Safe Action self-loading pistol, with its no-compromise design, ® combines all the features demanded of the modern handgun of today – and tomorrow. ‡    Extremely low overall weight ‡    High magazine capacity ‡    Outstanding performance combining advanced methods of manufacturing with top-quality materials. GLOCK pistols have passed the most stringent military and industry test and are known worldwide for their state-of-the-art technology, durability, reliability and accuracy. The photographs and drawings in this manual reference the GLOCK 44 Blowback pistol. FRAME: The frame (17) is made of polymer with hardened steel guides. It features an ideal grip angle and low weight. The slide stop lever (27) and the magazine catch (19) are easily operated with the shooting hand. GLOCK Blowback pistols feature interchangeable backstraps (17a) to vary the circumference of the frame and an extended magazine catch that is reversible for right or left hand use. (Note: The part numbers referenced in parenthesis throughout this manual correspond to the list of component parts and exploded drawing on pages 40-41). SAFE ACTION TRIGGER SYSTEM: GLOCK's revolutionary Safe Action trigger ®                                                            ® system provides a consistent trigger pull from the first to the last round. The three automatic independently operating mechanical safeties are built into the fire control system of the pistol. All three safeties disengage sequentially as the trigger is pulled and automatically reengage when the trigger is released. This safe, simple and fast system allows the user to concentrate fully on tactical tasks, particularly while under stress. It is safe if dropped and functional at temperatures from -40° to 122° Fahrenheit / -40° to 50° Celsius.  WARNING! If the trigger is in the forward position, your GLOCK pistol may be loaded. 6                                                               GLOCK INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE

1. Trigger Safety: The trigger safety is a lever incorporated into the trigger (26). When the trigger safety is in the forward position it blocks the trigger from moving rearward. The trigger safety and the trigger must be fully depressed at the same time to fire the pistol. If the trigger safety is not depressed, the trigger will not move rearward and allow the pistol to fire. The trigger safety is designed to protect against firing if the pistol is dropped or the trigger is subjected to lateral pressure. 2. Firing Pin Safety: The firing pin safety (8) mechanically blocks the firing pin (4) from moving forward in the ready-to-fire condition. As the trigger is pulled rearward the trigger bar pushes the firing pin safety up and frees the firing pin channel. If the user decides not to fire and releases the trigger, the firing pin safety automatically reengages. 3. Drop-Safety: The trigger bar rests on the safety ramp within the trigger mechanism housing. The trigger bar engages the rear portion of the firing pin (4) and prevents the firing pin from moving forward. As the trigger (26) is pulled rearward the trigger bar lowers down the safety ramp and allows the release of the firing pin. After firing, the trigger bar moves upward and reengages the firing pin.  WARNING! Your GLOCK pistol does not have a conventional manual safety and it will fire if the trigger is pulled when there is a round in the chamber.  WARNING! Although GLOCK pistols have several internal design features and mechanical safeties designed to prevent an unintentional discharge if the pistol is dropped or hit, the proper and safe function of your GLOCK pistol depends on it being used for its intended purposes and not being altered or modified. Like any other mechanical device, if your GLOCK pistol is subjected to unusual and extreme forces a part failure can occur. Therefore, safe firearm handling practices and the instructions and safety warnings in this manual must always be followed to minimize the risk of a negligent discharge.  WARNING! In case any of your GLOCK pistol's safeties prove to be ineffective for any reason, the possibility of an unintentional discharge exists. If so, your GLOCK pistol should be immediately unloaded and not be used again until it has been examined by a GLOCK-Certified Armorer. WWW.GLOCK.COM                                                                              7

SLIDE: The advanced surface treatment of the slide guide rails (1) results in optimal hardness by considerably reducing wear and tear and makes it corrosion resistant. The slide guide rails are identified by a serial number. The matte black surface of the polymer slide insert minimizes light # 1#2 reflection – and considerably decreases weight. BARREL: The barrel (2) is mechanically locked and cold-hammer forged. It also has the same advanced surface treatment as the slide. The rounded (hexagonal) interior profile offers numerous advantages over conventional barrel profiles, including elimination of corners/edges # 2#2 making them considerably easier to clean and maintaining uniform precision even after a high number of rounds have been fired. LOADED CHAMBER INDICATOR (Ghost hole): The opening at the rear of the barrel hood on top of the ejection port (Picture 1) serves as a loaded chamber indicator to comply with the laws of certain states. By looking into the opening at the # 3#2                                 rear of the barrel you can observe whether or not a cartridge is in the firearm’s chamber. (Unloaded – Picture 2 / Loaded – Picture 3)  WARNING! Never rely solely on your memory to determine whether your GLOCK pistol is loaded or unloaded. Always remove the magazine, retract and lock the slide by pulling it fully to the rear and then visually and physically (with your finger) check to make sure there is not a cartridge in the chamber, as fully described in the Unloading Procedure and Safety Check, Chapter 8 (Pages 19-20). 8                                                                  GLOCK INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE

II. GLOCK pistol set ‡  GLOCK Safe Action® pistol including 1 magazine with loading assist ‡  Spare magazine with loading assist ‡  Cleaning set (rod with patch holder and brush) ‡  Instructions for use manual ‡  Pistol case (for storage and transport) ‡  Backstrap set ‡  Screwdriver for adjustable Rear sight ‡  Cable lock (USA and Canada only) ‡  The Basic Rules of Firearm Safety brochure (USA and Canada only) ‡  Customer Safety Awareness Form (USA and Canada only) WWW.GLOCK.COM                                                            9

III. Pistol nomenclature Caliber Loaded Chamber                       Rear sight Indicator (Ghost Hole)      Slide stop Front sight Slide                     lever Beavertail Muzzle (Barrel) Frame Mounting rail                                                                 Trigger housing pin Slide lock Trigger                Trigger guard Trigger safety Magazine catch Magazine                            Backstrap IV. Functioning of the pistol The following describes how the GLOCK semi-automatic Safe Action® pistol functions. When the pistol is in the ready to fire condition – fully loaded with a round in the chamber and a loaded magazine inserted – the trigger is in the forward position with the trigger safety positively protruding from the trigger (26), the firing pin spring (6) is under partial tension, and the drop safety is engaged. The trigger safety prevents the trigger from being moved rearward and the firing pin safety (8) blocks the firing pin (4) from moving forward. (Note: The part numbers referenced in parenthesis throughout this manual correspond to the list of component parts and exploded drawing on pages 40-41). When the trigger safety is disengaged by depressing it until it is even with the trigger, the trigger can be pulled rearward. 10                                                               GLOCK INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE

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