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FRONTEX Serious incident report no. 11934/2020 Report date and time (UTC)            2020-08-07 15:27 Reporting person                      Text Removed (Personal Data) Last modification date and time (UTC) 2020-11-06 10:39 Last modification done by             Text Removed (Personal Data) SIR Status                            Ongoing 4 - Situations of alleged violations of Fundamental Rights or FSC SIR Category international protection obligations Type of SIR                           2 Formal SIR Subject                               Migrants detected in Greek territorial waters returned to Turkey Joint operation                       Poseidon 2020 JORA incident number                  411632 Original source of information        FSA Metis Mission report n. 568 Frontex SIR Coordinator               HoU.FDU Frontex resources involved            Yes Incident dates (UTC)                  2020-08-11 23:41 Detection date (UTC)                  2020-08-04 23:15 Location of the incident              Lesvos, Lesvos, Greece Latitude                              39.2838888888 Longitude                             26.4641666666 Reference to the operational area     Yes FSA Metis; HCG CPB Text Removed (Technical Equipment); HCG Type of resources / involvement FIB Text Removed (Technical Equipment) Dead persons Injured persons Missing persons Details On 05/08/2020, at 01:41 Greek LT, Frontex Surveillance Aircraft (FSA) Metis sighted a migrant boat with approximately 30 people Fact of the case on board, in position N 39°17'02", E 026°27'51", East of Lesvos, in the Greek territorial waters, towed eastwards towards Turkish

territorial waters by a Greek Coast Guard patrol vessel. Text Removed (Reporting Tools). FSA Metis patrolled the requested area until 05:10 Greek LT, for approximately 2.5 hours. FSA TL inquired the Greek SBE if any assistance was required in the area of the sighting but it was replied to continue patrolling the indicated area (WP6 - WP7). The event has been registered as a “Prevention of Departure” by ICC Piraeus and so described in JORA 411632: “A rubber boat with approximately 60 migrants on board was early detected by HCG CPB Text Removed (Technical Equipment) at the sea area East of Lesvos Island inside TTW. The information passed to HCG FIB Text Removed (Technical Equipment) and accordingly JRCC Piraeus informed MRCC Ankara. The rubber boat did not comply with the HCG commands not to enter HTW. At 01.41 LT FSA METIS on scene. At 02.00 migrants' boat reiterated consecutive efforts to avoid HCG operational means and exited HTW. Eventually two TCG patrol boats arrived at the area and took over responsibility of the incident in TTW. The attached TE mission report of HCG CPB Text Removed (Technical Equipment) reports the the initial detection of migrant rubber boat (at 01:15 in position lat: 39° 17’ 49’’ N, long: 026° 29’ 39’’ E inside TTW) and the conclusion of the event at 09:40, when turkish coast guard rescued 60 migrants. Measures SIR procedure shall be launched by Frontex. There is information provided by FSA Metis indicate the location of the migrant boat 1.2 NM inside in the Greek TW (within the operational area of the JO Poseidon), towed by the HCG naval assets towards the Turkish TW. The incident has been reportedly concluded in the Turkish side as a prevention of departure. As additional information, Text Removed (Reporting Tools) identified some press releases from the TUR media (Sabah, Ensonhaber, Haberler) which according to the location, might be Assessment related with the mentioned event The Turkish press releases describes the following: - 74 migrants on two separate boats which were left to die in Turkish territorial waters, were rescued by the Turkish Coast Guard, off the coast of Ayvalık district of Balıkesir. - The migrants who were pushed back to Turkish territorial waters by the Greek Coast Guard, were taken to the Coast Guard Command in Ayvalık district. Final outcome Documents

Serious incident document No.                       1 Title                     FSA METIS Mission Report No 568_2020 - 04.08.2020 - Eastern Aegean.pdf Name                      FSA METIS Mission Report No 568_2020 - 04.08.2020 - Eastern Aegean.pdf Date                      2020-08-07 Serious incident document No.                       2 Title                     Mission Report 58 PLS-137 04.05-08-20.pdf Name                      Mission Report 58 PLS-137 04.05-08-20.pdf Date                      2020-08-07 Serious incident document No.                       3 Title                     Rubber boat Detection.png Name                      Rubber boat Detection.png Date                      2020-08-07