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Security systems Daylight-independent Camera and Video Monitoring Systems Multi-sensor Systems NIR- and SWIR- Laser Lighting Systems LED Light Sources recording        transmission INFORMATION Advantage through superior TECHNology      storage          processing www.optoprecision.de

ABOUT US                                                                             COMPLETE SYSTEMS An overview of our products								                                                3 MODAR OptoPrecision											                                                           4 Multi-sensor systems for optimum vision in all                          Range up to 12 km weather conditions on land and at sea                                   Optimum vision even in the OptoPrecision Security Systems								                                             5                                                                          event of fog, rain or snow From page 8 COMPLETE systems                                                                     DRIVER FRONT IMAGE SYSTEM Mobile Driver-Front-Photo System for the taking of                      Legally admissible photographs Multi-sensor System MODAR								                                                  6 legally admissible, daylight-independent photographs                     of driver and vehicle for the identification of persons in vehicles                           24/7 Range-gated-technology									                                                    7 From page 20 MODAR for use on large ships (40 m)					                                         8-9 4 Camera channels for optimum visibility in all light and weather conditions		 10-13 MODAR-BC for use on small ships and motor vehicles				                         14-15 MODAR-HDR for use on motor vehicles						                                      16-17 MODAR Software										                                                          18 SYSTEM COMPONENTS MODAR – Customization possibilities in accordance with customer wishes		          19 Driver-Front-Photo System (FFS)							 20-21                                         Laser and LED light sources for the support of various observation and monitoring tasks SYSTEM COMPONENTS                                                                    LaserFlash Discrete, eye-safe IR laser lighting for covert investigation           Invisible, eye-safe laser Laser Light Source LaserFlash								                                             22                                                                          light sources Overview of LaserFlash models								                                             23 					From page 22                                                       Ranges from 15 – 5,000 m Application possibilities of LaserFlash		                                      24-25 LED SEARCHLIGHT LaserFlash models Searchlights for search and rescue operations                           Spotlighting - LaserFlash Compact, F, P IT, P QCW							                                    26-27 over large distances                                                     (of scenes and objects) - LaserFlash Plus IT, Plus QCW, BC, BC-S7							                               28-29 					From page 34                                                        at distances up to 2,500 m SWIR technology and LaserFlash 1550							 30-31 Ranges and accessories for LaserFlash							                                      32 UV-LED DocumentCHECK LED Searchlight						                                                          34-35 Special light source for the checking of documents                      Mobile document checking and banknotes in official police cars                                    For use in gloveboxes UV-LED Documentcheck								 36-37  From page 36 OUR PARTNERS								                                                              38 Imprint											                                                                39 2                                                                                                                                                                                              3

OPTOPRECISION                                                                                                                OPTOPRECISION SECURITY SYSTEMS Discrete Surveillance, Security and IR- laser Technology Innovative Solutions                                                                                                         Our SECURITY SYSTEMS division is specialized in innovative security and surveillance technologies for police, security, Our SECURITY SYSTEMS product portfolio ranges from vari- ous laser and LED light sources to customer-specific tailored for complex surveillance Tasks                                                                                               military forces and other organizations or companies requi-  systems for complex naval and land-based monitoring and ring high security standards.                                surveillance tasks. As manufacturer of camera-based systems for day and night applications we are specialists in the field of:       As system provider we maintain tight partnerships with OptoPrecision Ltd specializes in the development, design and manufacture of sophisticated individual and complex large-scale innovative and creative manufacturers of monitoring and solutions for measurement, monitoring, and control technologies.    Daylight-independent camera and video surveillance       security technology worldwide and are a competent partner    Actionable, high-resolution images                       for our customers during the acquisition process of further The diverse products and developments of the company are divided into the following categories according to their fields of    Infrared laser illumination systems                      system components and system integration. application:    SWIR and thermal imaging    Optics Image analysis, image transmission and recording INDUSTRIAL SOLUTIONS                                             SECURITY SYSTEMS     Encrypted web-based transmission of information (sa Measurement, monitoring and control technology for               Technology for operational deployment and surveillance tellite and mobile support) industrial applications                                          tasks of authorities Client-oriented Product                                          In addition to the distribution of existing products the main focus of our work is the development of products Development                                                      tailored for the individual customer and the implemen- is our Strength                                                  tation of camera-based systems and Laser / LED light sources. As medium-sized company with highly qualified teams of approx. 60 employees, we are able to flexibly res- pond to every customer’s needs and develop individual solutions. Almost all tasks comprising design, program- ming and production can be performed in-house 4                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     5

MODAR Range-gated-technology The Range-gated camera system by OptoPrecision is             The targeted synchronisation of the laser pulse and the developed specially for improved visibility in darkness and   camera makes it possible to light a partial area determined other atmospheric interferences such as fog, rain or snow,    by the distance and acquire an image in which atmospheric for example.                                                  interferences before the partial area observed are suppres- sed. Interfering light sources and light reflections, such as Range-gated systems combine two essential components          when looking through fog, rain, snow or window panes, can with each other: a set, very short laser pulse and a special  be minimised, which make a decisive improvement to the camera. The camera exposure is ensured in the nanosecond      image quality. range by a control unit developed by OptoPrecision. Object Step 1 Pulsed                                     The device sends a short laser pulse. laser light                                    The camera shutter remains closed while the light Light scattered by          between the device and the target object is scattered atmospheric Shutter                    particles             and reflected by atmospheric particles. closed Motion stabilised                                                                 Camera                   Laser MODAR Optical Detecting                                                                                       Control And Ranging                                                                               Area          Object             L�          Step 2 observed Light scattered by THE INNOVATIVE MULTI-SENSOR SYSTEM observed object                                                The laser light contacts the target object and is reflec- L�                  ted. The camera shutter remains closed and does not capture any interference light. FOR OPTIMUM VISIon IN DARKNESS, FOG, RAIN OR SNOW                                                                                                    Shutter closed Camera MODAR –The MODAR multi-sensor system developed by                     The modular device concept makes it possible to adjust OptoPrecision combines all the camera technologies that               camera channels to specific areas of application. Control are the norm on the market with our innovative laser-assis- ted lighting technology.                                              The georeferenced image acquisition of objects or situations is possible for distances of up to 12 km, also with laser ligh- With the integrated visual axis stabilisation, MODAR can be           ting. The system offers the best possible visibility in nearly Object                             Step 3 implemented on various ships, vehicles or other carriers at           all weather and lighting conditions. sea or on land.                                                                                                                                                                                          The light reflected by the target object arrives at the camera and the camera opens the camera shutter for Light captured by camera this brief moment. The shutter is then closed again, Possible carrier systems          Area of application                                        Read more on:              Shutter                                                 so that no interference light behind the object is open captured. MODAR                  Large ships (>40 m)               Sea space supervision                                      Page 8 Camera                   Laser MODAR-BC               Smaller ships, emergency vehicles Border supervision, research                               Page 14 MODAR-HDR              Emergency vehicles                Official monitoring, for example police, customs, etc.     Page 16 Control 6                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 7

MODAR                                                                                                                       Laser Safety detector CHANNEL1 Daylight camera Total height 1.232 mm CHANNEL 3 Low-light camera Motion stabilised Optical                                                                                                                     Laser                                                                                                         CHANNEL 4 Detecting                                                                                                                   Range-finder                                                                                      Thermal imaging camera And Ranging                                                                                                                     CHANNEL 2                                                                                               Range-gated laser Range-gated camera Innovative Multi-Sensor-System                                                                                              CHANNEL 1: Daylight camera (colour) A full-HD-CMOS camera with 36x optical zoom ensures a Laser safety detector The security concept certified by the trade association FOR IMPLEMENTATION ON LARGE SHIPS (> 40 METRES)                                                                             high-quality colour image in daylight and good visibility.     ensures, through the laser security detector, that there is no danger in using the laser. CHANNEL 2: Range-gated camera & short pulse laser                                                    CHANNEL 3: Low-Light camera (night vision) The MODAR multi-sensor system was specially designed               Pan-tilt head technology with swell                      The range-gated camera technology/active imaging allows        A very sensitive electron-multiplicator-CD camera with a for use at sea and has already been successfully imple-            stabilisation                                            the fading out of atmospheric interferences and thus visibi-   60x optical zoom provides the best image results even in mented on several ships of the German Federal Police/                                                                       lity through snow, fog and ship windows. In conjunction with   extremely low light. Coastal Guard. It allows a visually exact, collision-preventing    State-of-the art sensor technology and drives in the     a short pulse laser and an IICCD camera (Image Intensifier     The laser installed on the MODAR can be used in the inte- monitoring as well as a precise terrestrial localisation of        pan-tilt head compensate for the movement of the         CCD) with a powerful lens, this makes it possible to observe   grated low-light channel as a lighting source, if there is no swimming and fixed objects in real time, for distances of up       observation system on two axes. The stabilisation allows objects at long distances (up to 12 km).                       light source close to the scene to be observed. to 12 kilometres.                                                  monitoring across long distances and thereby ensures an Four different camera technologies, assisted by invisible          overall image.                                           Laser range-finder (LRF)                                       CHANNEL 4: Thermal imaging camera (infrared) laser lighting, allow the best visibility in all light and weather Possible atmospheric interferences in the image are sup- The laser range-finder installed in the MODAR, mainly used     A thermal imaging camera with a 9x optical zoom makes it conditions:                                                        ressed by the high-tech range-gated camera technology.   for military purposes (LRF, laser class 1 M), makes it possib- possible to detect and target ships and living objects at long le to precisely measure the distance of objects in a range of  distances through the detection of temperature differences   A daylight camera with a zoom lens for daytime                                                                           5 metres to 15 km. Due to the high measurement frequency       (in case of fog, for example). monitoring in colour                                                                                                     (1x per second), the LRF even reliably records objects at high   A low-light camera for monitoring in very low light                                                                      speeds. The LRF also makes it possible to determine the        The windscreen wiper system allows an auto- conditions (night)                                                                                                       coordinates of the target objects. matic cleaning of the camera viewing windows   A thermal imaging camera for detecting temperature differences if necessary.   A range-gated camera that makes it possible to reduce atmospheric interferences such as fog, rain or snow in the image. The range-gated camera uses a laser for the active lighting. The cameras acquire in parallel, so a view change between the cameras capturing in parallel is possible at any time through the operating software, in order to choose the best channel for each observation task. 8                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        9

4 CAMERA CHANNELS FOR OPTIMUM VISIBILITY IN                                                                            ALL LIGHT AND WEATHER CONDITIONS Daylight camera                                                                                                           Thermal imaging camera The strength of daylight cameras is in the creation of high- deactivated if necessary. An object moving at high speed    Thermal imaging devices have an advantage, compared to          The picture from the thermal imaging camera is created definition and very natural, detailed colour images. The use may cause image distortions. The daylight camera can        night vision devices, that there does not need to be any mi-    from the recording of differences in the electromagnetic of high-quality zoom lenses allows a significant enlarge-    create images even after the beginning of dusk. In case     nimal level of light or another source of light (for example an radiation of surfaces and the resulting calculated determi- ment of the images. In good light and visibility conditions, of very low light or darkness, it cannot provide any (me-   infrared spotlight), which may be discovered or turned off.     nation of temperature differences. If this difference is low, the daylight camera provides outstanding image informati-    aningful) images.                                           Thermal imaging cameras can thus create pictures at night,      no meaningful image can be created. on. The autofocus ensures that the definition does not need                                                              but also in light and blinding sunlight. The thermal imaging to be subsequently corrected by hand, this can however be                                                                camera reaches the limit of its capacities in case of heavy     Thermal imaging cameras are used for monitoring and rain, fog or snow.                                              clarification in the police or the military in case of darkness or bad visibility and for detecting or rescuing people (SAR actions, for example) or for extensive areas (border mo- Advantages:                                                                                                              nitoring, for example). In many cases, even optically well  Colour image                                                                                                           camouflaged objects can be identified due to their warmth  Autofocus                                                                                                              signature. For machines or other technological installations, spots with elevated temperatures can be detected with Disadvantages:  The image declines in quality at dusk thermal imaging, giving clues as to possible damage or dan-  No night images gers (tanker fuel drainage or fire, for example).   Acquisition from approx. 1 000 m distance (wide-angle)                                                                  Acquisition from approx. 900 m distance Advantages:  Detection of temperature differences even through fog  Simple detection of living objects (body temperature) Disadvantages:  The image declines in quality in heavy rain and snow  No depiction if objects have the same temperature radiation intensity  No colour information: dark surfaces can appear light and light surfaces dark   Acquisition from approx. 50 m distance                                                                                  Acquisition from approx. 700 m distance 10                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     11

4 CAMERA CHANNELS FOR OPTIMUM VISIBILITY IN                                                                                  ALL LIGHT AND WEATHER CONDITIONS Low-light camera                                                                                                              Range-gated camera The low-light camera is specifically designed for use in      The long focal range of the zoom lens (FOV 0.3°) also allows      The range-gated camera system was specifically developed         the camera. The camera shutter opens for this brief moment difficult lighting conditions and darkness with some residual a good recognition of objects at long distances. The camera       by OptoPrecision to significantly improve visibility in darkness and is then closed again, so that no interference light is cap- light (starry sky or moonlight, for example). If no source of is also suitable for use during the day and for large distance    and in case of atmospheric interferences such as fog, rain or    tured. This technique makes it possible to fade out atmo- light is present close to the scene to be observed, the laser ranges due to its high dynamic range and its lens aperture.       snow, for example.                                               spheric interferences in the image or to see through window in the low-light channel integrated in the MODAR can func-                                                                                                                                       panes for example, through the fading out of light reflections tion as an invisible lighting source.                                                                                           In the range-gated system, a very short laser pulse is sent in   and interference light. The range-gated technology allows an the direction of the target object. The camera shutter remains   observation of objects up to 12 km away, depending on the closed until the light reflected by the target object arrives at lighting and weather conditions. This system does not work in daylight or sunshine, as the Advantages:                                                                                                                    intensity of the sunlight is higher than that of the laser, which  Longest focal range (FOV 0.3°)                                                                                               is why the range-gated camera system should not be used  High dynamic range (day and night use)                                                                                       during the day.  The laser can be used as light source Disadvantages:  Grayscale image  Low lighting without an additional light source leads                                                                           Advantages:  Active laser lighting with long range to a smoky image  The image is influenced by particles (dust, snow, rain)                                                                          Fading out of atmospheric interferences  Increased visibility in case of fog, snow or rain   Acquisition from approx. 700 m distance                                                                                       Acquisition from approx. 700 m distance                            Distance information possible in the picture Disadvantages:  Day use should be avoided  Grayscale picture   Acquisition from approx. 4 000 m distance                                                                                     Acquisition from approx. 4 000 m distance 12                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             13

MODAR-BC                                                                                                                        CHANNEL1 Range-gated camera & daylight camera Total height 739 mm Short pulse laser Laser Motion stabilised                                                                                                               Safety detector Optical                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          CHANNEL 2 Detecting                                                                                                                       Laser                                                                                              Thermal imaging camera And                                                                                                                             Range-finder                                                                                                          (infrared) Ranging Innovative Multi-Sensor System                                                                                                  CHANNEL 1: Range-gated camera & daylight camera (colour) CHANNEL 2: Thermal-imaging camera (infrared) A thermal imaging camera with a 9x optical zoom makes it FOR IMPLEMENTATION ON SMALL SHIPS OR VEHICLES                                                                                   The channel 1 contains a daylight camera with five megapi- xels as well as a zoom with a focal range of 20 to 750 mm possible to detect and target various objects or people at long distances through the detection of temperature diffe- for optimum visibility in daytime.                               rences (in case of fog, for example). For bad visibility conditions (fog, rain, snow…) or in darkness, The MODAR-BC by OptoPrecision was developed for imple-             Atmospheric interferences as well as seeing through          it is possible to switch to the range-gated camera. The laser    Short pulse laser mentation on smaller ships or vehicles after the successful        window panes are no longer obstacles. The MODAR-BC           of the range-gated channel can also be used as a source of       In conjunction with the range-gated camera, this source introduction of the MODAR technology on German Federal             is also equipped with the gyro-stabilised pan-tilt head.     light to support the daylight camera.                            of light allows the selective lighting of scenes in a chosen Police ships. The MODAR-BC is accordingly smaller, with only       Particularly high-quality drivers without backlash are used                                                                   distance range. slightly reduced performances.                                     for this, as they are well-suited to the permanent com- pensation of the vehicle movement. The precise direction     Laser range-finder (LRF)                                         Laser safety detector It also allows optical monitoring in nearly any weather con-       of the camera channel visual axes thus achieved makes it     The laser range-finder installed in the MODAR-BC (LRF,           The security concept certified by the trade association ditions, day and night. Object-tracking, sector scan as well       possible to monitor objects at large distances.              laser class 1 M) makes it possible to precisely measure the      ensures, through the laser security detector, that there is no as optional large depiction of the camera channels make it                                                                      distance of objects up to 10 kilometres away. Due to the         danger in using the laser. possible to analyse the right image source for each situation.     The permanent overview with simultaneous analysis of de-     high measurement frequency (up to 20x per second), the As well as the high-performance uncooled and thus very             tails on the target object is ensured by the MODAR-BC with   LRF even reliably records objects at high speeds. The LRF        The windscreen wiper system allows an auto- long-lasting thermal imaging camera, the laser lighting            the help of the different camera channels and zoom lenses.   also makes it possible to determine the coordinates of the       matic cleaning of the camera viewing windows invisible to the naked eye is a particularly effective tool in the The operator panel for controlling the device is laid out as target objects.                                                  if necessary. service of public security. Scenes with difficult lighting condi-  in the larger MODAR. tions can thus be significantly lit. 14                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            15

MODAR-HDR                                                                                                                  NIR Laser Total height 739 mm CHANNEL 2 Camera for facial recognition Motion stabilised Optical                                                                                                                    CHANNEL1 Detecting                                                                                                                  Monitoring camera And Ranging Innovative Multi-Sensor System                                                                                             CHANNEL 1: Overview camera The channel 1 contains a high-definition 4.2-megapixel CHANNEL 2: camera for facial recognition The channel 2 contains a high-definition 4.2-megapixel daylight and night vision camera for overview pictures with daylight and night vision camera with a 40-1500 mm zoom FOR IMPLEMENTATION IN VEHICLES                                                                                             filter changer with IR edge and bandpass filter.            lens and filter changer with IR edge and bandpass filter. NIR Laser                                                   The windscreen wiper system allows an auto- The MODAR-HDR multi-sensor system allows the monito-            system with line of sight stabilisation and the solid and  With the zoom lenses, synchronised additional lighting      matic cleaning of the camera viewing windows ring and identification of people as well as the acquisition of robust casing (protection class IP67).                     sources for the cameras on channels 1 and 2. Lighting of    if necessary. high-definition pictures of faces, day and night.                                                                          target objects up to 2-3 km away. The assistance of NIR laser technology and the use of spe-      With its telescopic mast, the MODAR-HDR can also be cial interference filters allow the MODAR-HDR to recognise      extended to a height of up to 4 meters above the ground. drivers in a range of up to 400 m in practically all lighting   Depending on the vehicle type and customer require- and weather conditions.                                         ments, the MODAR-HDR can disappear completely into the emergency vehicle or return to a case on top of the The high-definition images are recorded, optimised and          vehicle roof. The construction of the vehicle, the equip- analysed by our software in real time. The simultaneous         ment of the PC work stations in the vehicle as well as the depiction of overview and detailed images make it possible      system integration of the MODAR-HDR are conducted by to keep an overview of a crowd of people or a scene, while      OptoPrecision. identifying individual people. The successful suppression of interfering light sources (headlamps, street lamps or sunlight for example) developed through our technology and the minimisation of atmosphe- ric interferences are essential in many situations to obtain evidence-worthy images. For the public space and for short-range requirements, exclusively eye-safe lasers of the laser class 1 are used. For particular tasks or for long-range setups, lasers of the laser class 4 (not eye-safe) can also be used, as they allow a longer monitoring range of up to 2-3 km. The MODAR-HDR is optimally equipped for use in vehicles (Mercedes Sprinter, VW Crafter, etc.) through the pan-tilt                                                                    Acquisition from approx. 20 m distance                    Acquisition from approx. 400 m distance 16                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               17

MODAR Adjustment possibilities according to customer requirements: Software features  Selection and operation of the various camera channels and zoom lenses                                   RANGE-GATED Camera                                 HD camera with image intensifier and extremely short ex-  Control of the laser lighting sources                                                                         posure time. Interference filter with 8 nm bandwidth, zoom  Control of the pan-tilt system by                                                                             lens with 750 mm focal length, design for object distances - Position/contour programming                                                                                up to 8 000 m - Sector programming - Target recording via radar tracking - Target tracking via video tracking                       THERMAL IMAGING CAMERA                             Uncooled HO thermal imaging camera for maintenance-free operation with 25 – 225 mm zoom lens  Range measurement via laser range finder  Operation of the windscreen wiper system                   LOW-LIGHT CAMERA                                   HD-CMOS camera providing colour images well into dusk.  User-friendly operating console                                                                               For maximum sensitivity, switch to black and white mode.  Web server module                                                                                             The zoom lens is shared with the RG camera  Image and video archiving LASER LIGHTING                                     The illuminated solid angle is automatically adjusted to the zoom setting of the RG camera lens. Wave length 808 nm, 10 W average power, equipment with laser security detec- tor. Working distance up to 8 000 m MODAR-SOFTWARE                                                   WEBSERVER-MODULE                                               Pan-TILT HEAD                                      Drive with 0.01 mrad. (0.00057°) Definition, no backlash, long lasting The MODAR-software and the user-friendly operating con-          The web server-module provides the possibility of transfer- sole make it possible to control all functions, camera set-      ring the images acquired by the MODAR in real time and in tings, image display as well as the setting of the pan-tilt head various levels of definition (depending on the available band- CAMERA HEAD                                        IP67-protected, running temperature: -40 to +55°C. Inte- fully automatically from the PC, with keys or joystick controls. width) in encrypted form via the internet. To view the images,                                                    grated windscreen wiper with spray nozzles for cleaning The pan-tilt system is controlled manually via joystick and      several users can receive access with various levels of per-                                                      liquid. operating console, automatically by radar, position/contour      mission. or sector programming or target tracking in the image. COMMUNICATION                                      The communication between the MODAR and the control unit is ensured by a glass fibre hybrid cable. There is a 10 gigabit LAN (R 45) network connection between the control unit and the recorder and the external world: CONTROL UNIT                                       Hardware module: Power supply 230 VAC 50 Hz / 12 V DC, other currents upon request. UPS, computer, monitor, hardened special keyboard with control handles. All camera channels are permanently displayed in the back-       IR 22.02.2016 15:37:56                         AZ/EL:113°/-1° ground with metadata such as the time, date and position HDT:74° CONTROL SOFTWARE                                   All camera settings, image display and the direction of the pan-tilt head are controlled by the control unit through the of the monitoring vehicle and of the target. This display is control software. conducted in an internal ring memory, out of which data is Video tracking, compression of the video flows for network extracted only in case of relevant procedures and is transfer- transmission and recording. red with the equivalent procedure numbers. Data protection Various options: automatic facial recognition, for example requirements are thus also accounted for. MODAR is a modular system with adjustment possibilities according to customer requirements.                                                                                             CLEANING UNIT                                      20-l tank with integrated pump for cleaning fluid, with frost-protection if needed. 18                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            19

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